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MBLAQ MIR Adorable ENGRISH ! (by leeyaa0614)

2.08 !!!

Thunder: I love you but I can’t be with you.

Mir : I love you but….sorry

Me :There’s something behind those words thunder ? ^ ^

Cheonchul is being LOVE!

I created my tumblr account for many months but haven’t post anything yet. I just view the photos through the tags and never even reblog the post.

But! Now I’m really HAPPY!

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Because there’re more cheonchul’s fans increasing these days. I found many cheonchul photos were post here. I want to talk to everyone that LOVE this couple, but I don’t know much about posting on Tumblr.

I wish most of cheonchul bias here will continue posting Cheonchul stuffs. AND, if this possible, I want U guys to PM me for talking about Cheonchul. I want to get to know all fo U and talk about the couple we all LOVE.


*PS: I LOVE this couple for so long, so I also have many things to share, If U guys really LOVE this couple, I will share all the things I have and know! :D