@KimHeenim: I’m in the midst of watching our Donghae’s and Hyukjae’s song ‘Still You’ ’s music video, and I couldn’t copy the url from Donghae-guy’s instagram so I took a picture of it. I always feel this but I think Lee Donghae’s eyes always look sad so he’s perfect for music videos like this. I want to eat AhnSungTtangMyeon. Hyukjae singing! That writing isn’t DongSae’s handwriting kk his handwriting is so terrible, you’d call him a genius if you see it. My best friend Hyukjae writes really well. It’d be nice if Super Junior filmed a mv like this too! It’s hard to breathe, only dancing for 10 years. Who is the girl that passes by Hyukjae in the mv? I wish Donghaek will do a sad acting. Look at his eyesㅠㅠ Donghaek’s eyes must taste like tacos. I can try doing Close Ur Mouth or M&D only if Kim Jungmo-bastard hurries up and be released from the army (c)