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A smut scenario where your bestfriend, (you both secretly like each other) d.o is a doctor and you go to his clinic for a check-up, and since you're the last patient there he takes this as a chance to touch you a lot ;)

You walk into the clinic where you’re best friend Kyungsoo worked. You were due for your yearly appointment and mammogram check and since Kyungsoo was a doctor you had decided to just go to him instead of your usual.

Walking into the dim room you call out, “Kyungsoo? Are you still here?”

You blink quickly as the lights come on and Kyungsoo walks out of the shadows.

“Yup I’m still here.”

Smiling at you Kyungsoo walks closer and wraps you in a big hug. You sigh happy to see your best friend after a long time.

“How have you been? I’m sorry we haven’t seen each other as often as I’d like. Starting my own clinic has made be very busy.”

You only nuzzle your face into Kyungsoo’s chest smelling the familiar smell of his clothes that was imprinted into your brain.

“I’ve been good. All my clients are very demanding so that has been keeping me up at night.”

“Well as your doctor for the night I prescribe that you should get at least 8 hours of sleep. Judging by the bags under your eyes and the tense set to your shoulders that you’re only getting about 4 hours of sleep.”

Chuckling you glance up at Kyungsoo. “Ok doctor. Lead the way. I am here for a checkup after all.”

Taking your hand Kyungsoo leads you into an empty room. He settles you down onto the patient’s table and turns away getting out all his instruments. You watch as his back as he works. Your mind starts to wander as you think back to the time you had met Kyungsoo.

You were both in college. Kyungsoo was just about to finish medical school and you were finishing up your degree in interior design.

The two of you had hit off immediately when Kyungsoo had bumped into you and spilled his coffee while running around campus. He had blushed and stuttered out an apology. You chuckled and had wiped off your shirt.

At that time though you had boyfriend. A boyfriend that turned out to be a cheater. Kyungsoo was the one who had picked up the pieces of your heart and had put the back together. That was also the time you has started to fall in love with Kyungsoo but you had kept your feelings under lock not wanting to jump into another relationship in fear of getting hurt again.

Now all these years later Kyungsoo was still the only one in your heart. but you had no idea if he felt the same way.

“Yah! Anyone home?”

You blink your eyes suddenly filled with the sight of Kyungsoo’s face.

“Yeah just thinking about work.”

“Well I’m going to start the checkup now.”

You nod humming. Kyungsoo starts out with your throat making sure there were no unsual lumps. He tells you to lay back and moves his hands over your stomach. You can feel a tingle every time Kyungsoo’s hands connect with your skin. You don’t notice the fact that Kyungsoo was letting his hands linger.

He had also harbored secret feelings for you all these years and tonight he was going to do something about it. Kyungsoo goes through all the normal procedures checking your eyes, ears, nose, and inside your your throat. He gives you nothing to indicate that he was in fact planning something.

“Now for the next part I need you to take off your shirt so I can check your breasts for anything unsual.”

Kyungsoo tries to keep his face impassive not letting anything slip. You on the other hand can’t keep the nervousness off your face. You already got butterflies from imagining Kyungsoo touching there who knows what would happen if he actually did.

‘It’s for medical purposes. Nothing sexual about it.’

Popping the buttons one by one you pull the blouse from your shoulders slowly. You thank the gods for remembering to wear a sexy red bra. Reaching behind you unclasp it and pull it free too.

Kyungsoo gulps nervously before reminding himself that right now you were his patient nothing more nothing less. That however was subject to change in the near future.

Kyungsoo places his hands over your breasts and you tense up expecting them to be cold. Surprisingly they’re warm though and you relax. That only lasts for a second as Kyungsoo starts to move his hands. You bite your lip trying to keep the moans from escaping.

Kyungsoo goes through the routine task of checking the breasts for lumps. His mind and eyes are totally focused on his task so he doesn’t notice the fact that your eyes were closed and your head was tilted back slightly relishing in Kyungsoo’s touch.

Kyungsoo looks up and his eyes widen. He’s about to say something but stops and decides to use this to his advantage. He starts to roll your nipples in between his fingers. You aren’t able to keep the moans inside and one slips out. Realizing your mistake your eyes snap open. Kyungsoo only looks up at you.

“There’s something I need to tell you. I’m in love with you.”

Mouth open in shock you stare at Kyungsoo. His hands drop to his lap and he starts to stammer out an apology. You stop him though by leaning down and kissing him.

“I’ve been in love with you too.”

Pulling Kyungsoo up you start to kiss him passionately since he had left you hanging. Kyungsoo is just as enthusiastic. His hands immediately go back to your breasts massaging and squeezing.

Your hands are roaming over his back tugging at his coat. He sheds his jacket letting it fall to the floor. In a hurry you try to get rid of all your clothes and Kyungsoo does the same. Pretty soon Kyungsoo is laying you down flat on the table.

Poised above about to enter you Kyungsoo looks deep into your eyes.

“You’re sure about this right? There’s no going back after this.”

“I don’t want anyone but you. So fuck me already.”

Kyungsoo smirks and pushes into you. Your nails drag on the table trying to find something to grip onto. His fingers hold onto your hips as he pounds into you. You shudder letting all the emotions flow through you.

Opening your eyes you look up at Kyungsoo, “I really love you.”

Hearing those words fall from your lips undoes something inside of Kyungsoo. He releases himself into you and once you feel him filling you up. It releases something in you too. You shudder, the orgasm rippling through you. Sighing you rest your head on the cool table eyes closed. You smile when you feel Kyungsoo slip onto the table with you.

“Wanna go back to my place? We can sleep there.”

Chuckling you tell Kyungsoo, “I don’t think there will be a lot of sleeping done. Even though you’re the one who told me to get some.”

Laughing Kyungsoo nuzzles his face into the side of your neck, happy to finally have him to yourself. You sigh and the two of you fall asleep cocooned in each other’s arms.

ASDFGHJKL Hot sexy D.O as a doctor? What could be better? Hope you liked this! Thanks for asking!