So y’all remember that scene where Riggins and Friedkin confront the Rowdy Three and Riggins tells Vogel that his family miss him?
You might have just dismissed that line as a lie or something to bribe him with, but what if it wasn’t? 

What if so many years after Black Wing started and their son was taken away, Vogel’s parents get a knock at the door and Riggins is standing there offering them information about their son and so they bring him into their home and they’re asking the typical parent questions, ie  “Is he alone?” “Is he happy?” “Is he safe?”

And Riggins just internally pictures The Rowdy Three being The Rowdy Three and he’s been staring into space now for a good three minutes and he should probably answer, so he clears his throat and just kind of mumbles “….Yeah….He’s….Safe…..”

mr.danielgillies: i’m doing another week.

For those that haven’t already:
get a t-shirt.
all money raised will be donated to OXFAM and their fight for the refugees of South Sudan.

the campaign has kicked ass.
particularly in the last several days.  travel and SDCC in the middle of the campaign didn’t help things, so I’d like to do it justice and raise money for a further week.
i am so tremendously grateful for both your contributions and the conversations generated about the massive exodus in Eastern Africa. millions of people have lost their homes and lives – for some reason our media has decided that the horrific Civil War of South Sudan isn’t  important enough to discuss.

so, fuck it.
let’s be loud about this.
until it’s over.

i feel so privileged to have participated in this. with you all.