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Devin had been wandering the zones for a while now, seeming a bit stumped on what to do. He was fairly pissed at that moment and was huffing and hissing at those he passed. He finally plopped down near the plastic ocean, holding his face in his hands. His long tail whipped behind him as his feet swayed a couple inches above the plastic. He looked pretty frustrated at that moment.


2. Look Out Hadassah - Bello’s Back

I think it’s safe to say that none of us would have missed Bello no matter the duration, but the show should have at least given us a chance to miss him.

For the go-sees, the models still in the competition each select an eliminated model to pair up with. Hadassah passes on teaming with Bello in favor of Ava, correctly anticipating less drama from that partnership. It’s safe to say that Bello doesn’t take it well.

Says the guy who said he wasn’t there to make friends. Open those fake-colored eyes a little further, Bello - you have no friends here. He also thinks people are being “phony” for not choosing him.

Fraudulent? Not wanting to work with Bello seems like the most genuine response I’ve ever heard.  

As the last to choose, Devin gets stuck with Bello and says he’s “devastated” to be his partner. Doesn’t he mean devinstated? (Remember how Kelly Cutrone changed the word “debonair” to “devinair” and thought it was the funniest thing ever?) The best thing about bringing Bello back is the show concocting a seemingly arbitrary way to force rivals Devin and Bello to be partners and then totally fail at the challenge. Each of them considers himself a way better model than the other, yet neither of them could book shit.

At the photo shoot, Delanie, innocently I’m going to assume, asks if Bello and Hadassah have mended fences. Bello calls Hadassah out for ruining their friendship, and Hadassah - a smarter girl than we’ve, like, given her, like, credit for - is unwilling to listen to it. She dismisses him when he tells her he is her only friend in the house. What a manipulative weasel. He wants Hadassah to think he’s her only friend so he can control her.

The fight reignites back at home in the hot tub. Bello starts trying to guilt trip Hadassah again, and Hadassah says she doesn’t like his tone. She doesn’t understand why he’s trying to start drama (probably because he has a limited amount of time to get screen time?) and asks him to talk. Bello insists he’s only being dramatic BECAUSE HE IS PASSIONATE ABOUT THEIR FRIENDSHIP!

Whatever. He says the reason that no one else likes him is because of his friendship with Hadassah, but I’m pretty sure he’s managed to get disliked on his own merit. Over it, Hadassah walks away rather than engage. “Have a great life!” Bello shouts. The further away from him, the greater it’ll be, I reckon.

Undeterred, Bello promises that he’ll be re-entering the competition and that he’ll provide “a whole new taste of crazy.” Geez, he’s already been so loony, I’d hate to see what next-level crazy even looks like coming from Bello.

Fortunately, we won’t have to see what happens next because Bello is eliminated shortly thereafter. Now get out and STAY OUT!

4 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 9