Taladro - Risale 2 (Bir Hayal Kırıklığı Hikayesi)
  • Taladro - Risale 2 (Bir Hayal Kırıklığı Hikayesi)
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Gözümle gördüğüm yok ömür çok taze daha
Sesimi duyduğun yok çözüm çok uzak hala
Seni de yazdığım “RİSALE” hayli vardı ama
Seni ve güneşi sığdırdım bu gün ve haftalara
Hüzün var dolunayımda, ölüm çok ani daha
Gözüm yok ekmeğin suyunda, acıya doydum ama
Yolladığım son risale o tozlu rafta daha
Seni ve güneşi sığdırdım bugün yanaklarıma


The Nevada Caucus: 64 Bernie Sanders delegates were not allowed to participate

The Nevada Democratic Party said that 64 Sanders supporters were denied because they either were not registered Democrat voters by May 1 or their information (address, date of birth, name, etc.) could not be verified.

I want to scream. They’re rigging the election. The media ignores it because they’re bought out.

Sanders supporters were denied the right to vote since their paper work was apparently not in order but not one Clinton supporter had their paper work out of order. These people however had their paper work in order the last go about. #Hate it!

Dem & Evan | Part 1: India

Evan strode into the room, eyes ignited with fury and a deeply-rooted frustration. It was half past five and sunlight was spearing up at the upward angle from the half-open windows, spilling, thick and yellow, in waves of rays across the floorboards and the arc of the ceiling. The air-conditioning had stopped working two and a half hours ago and nobody had been sent to fix it yet, so to say that Evan was feeling uncomfortable and entirely annoyed would be a gross understatement; his skin was flushed and sheened with sweat and the heat of the day, and his throat was dry. The low ceiling of their room had a faint gleam to it, too, from the river of light that was pouring over its surface, not polished, but enough luster to sparkle, thick wood, delicately curved in an arch above the bed, and the whole room felt like it had been dipped into boiling water.

They had just gotten off a nineteen-hour flight less than half a dozen hours ago, so he still felt dizzy and kind of disoriented, but he was determined not to let this whole thing spin out of control and spoil his good mood; he was excited, too, at the prospect of going out tonight to explore Agra, for one, plus they would be visiting Taj Mahal soon, so, honestly, there wasn’t much to be furious about and he just wanted to make this whole trip as stress-free and relaxing as he possibly could; both for himself and Dem. He wanted this trip to be a pleasant experience for them, as a couple, and to make a bunch of good memories together; so, he wasn’t gonna sulk about the heat and waste their whole evening worrying about it. 

“I’m not gonna sit here with my ass hanging out and wait for them to fix their shit. They said they’ll get it fixed in, like, half an hour but I’m running out of patient.” he swallowed hard, pulled his shirt off, his skin slick with sweat. “–do you wanna head out, babe? Grab some dinner, take a look around?” he offered, peeling his jeans off and stroking the top of Dem’s head as he passed by him. “I just need to take a shower first, I’m gross. I smell like socks.” he half-glared at the air-condition again, then sought out Dem’s gaze to hold. “you wanna stay here and wait for them to fix it?” there was an arm’s length of distance between them now.