2014 SBS Gayo Daejun Fancams
  • EXO watching 2NE1 (CBH)
  • EXO and 2NE1 (Best Female Group)
  • EXO fancam  (1,2)
  • EXO watching Ailee (Problem)
  • EXO watching Apink and BTOB
  • EXO watching Orange Caramel.
  • EXO compilation SBS Gayo Daejun 2014 reactions.
  • WINNER & EXO watching AKMU
  • WINNER & Infinite watching 2NE1 (CRUSH & CBH)
  • WINNER, Infinite, CNBlue, AIlle, Taecyeon watching Born Hater.
  • WINNER (Lee Kwang Soo & Yoo Jaesuk plus Award)
  • WINNER & GOT7 interaction duting Super Rookies.
  • Apink reaction to …
  • Apink & BEAST ending. 
  • Kang Seung Yoon (WINNER) and EXO reaction to AKMU *Dara and Minzy (entrance to the sitting area)
  • Xiumin reaction to Mr. Chu. (ADORABLE!!!!)
  • Kai, Sehun & Tao watching 2NE1 (CBH) (Body Wave Ver.)
  • Kai & Suho watching Ailee (Problem)
  • Kai reaction (Problem)
  • Kai.
  • GDYB getting ready to perform & Good Boy performance.
  • Mino & Baro.

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I Am The Best
I Am The Best

I Am The Best - 2NE1

2NE1 - now signed to Capitol Records - released their first single “I Am The Best” on Itunes under their new label. Please support the girls’ U.S. debut by purchasing the single here.

note: They’re still signed to YG but all U.S. promotions will be handled by the new label.

I get Dara’s shipped with alot of guys as she’s popular among male celebrities, but I think Darahae seems the realest. I find it weird that her and Donghae have claimed to be close friends for the past 10 years, yet you can’t find a single picture of them meeting up and they never talk in depth about their relationship. Plus, Donghae seems so shy when he talks about her, and his ideal type of a cute, pale, bunny-like girl is too similar to Ssantokki Dara.