To me, you don’t have to have yourself completely figured out, but if you wanna find the right person, you have to know yourself. It’s learning to be able to be alone. You don’t always need a boyfriend and you don’t always need 20 girls surrounding you telling you “you’re great”. It’s learning to love yourself. You know, I really respect myself and I think if you respect yourself, you’re not gonna put yourself in a situation because you’ll have that little voice inside going “you’re worth something.“
—  Danneel Ackles

I don’t understand how anyone can actively hate one of the actors or their spouses. I can dislike or hate a character but there is a distinct separation from them and the actor. Seriously. And half the time you should praise the actor for portraying it in such a way to make you hate them because it means they’re doing it right– they’re making you react, to FEEL something. I mean, I DESPISE the roles Scarlet Johansson has played. It’s always a dumb sexed up bitch. I think she’s overrated in the roles and can do better. BUT. I’d never go spew hate at her Twitter or something. I don’t know her personally. Like…unless they come up and slap the shit out of you, you shouldn’t be spewing hate to them.