Dain’s nicknames for Thranduil and his army


the extended edition behind the scenes are so great! Gets me all pumped up to draw hobbit fanart. Billy is so funny as Dain. 
The first one is if Thrain took his sons on a diplomatic trip to the Iron hills. 
The second is just that part of Billy’s personality in Dain.

Deltora Quest Edit Meme - [3/3] Monsters - Ols

The thing shuddered, then collapsed, its body a shapeless, writhing mass bulging horribly here and there with limbs, faces, claws, ears. Choking with disgusted horror, Lief recognized the face of Marie, the pointed snout of a wood mouse, the wing of a bird…

Then there was just a bubbling pool of white, that sank, as he watched, into the sand.

In a sense, Dain is to Thorin as Faramir is to Boromir in the The Lord of the Rings: the close kinsman who avoids the fall from grace of his elder… an unprejudiced reading of the First Phase and Second Phase Hobbit… shows Thorin as a capable leader, fair in his judgments, determined to leave none behind, and courageous… Dain is all this and more: Thorin as he is meant to be… Dain deals out the treasure fairly, keeps his bargains, and establishes good relationships with his neighbors - all the things Thorin should have done and that we like Bilbo expected him to do based on our experience of him prior to his glimpsing the dragon-gold.
—  John D. Rateliff, excerpt of The History of the Hobbit: Return to Bag End