Dain’s nicknames for Thranduil and his army


Gif request memeoakensheld asked Tolkien + favorite minor character - Dain Ironfoot

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Originally Dain Ironfoot was going to ride a ferocious boar into battle. But then along came Pikelet, an adorable Kunekune pig. She appeared in Lake-town in The Desolation of Smaug, and inspired an altogether different sort of mount for Dain. Pikelet survived Smaug’s wrath to also appear in The Battle of the Five Armies. Adopted by Peter Jackson and his family, Pikelet is living out her days with her pig pals Itchy and Scratchy (also adopted by PJ).


the extended edition behind the scenes are so great! Gets me all pumped up to draw hobbit fanart. Billy is so funny as Dain. 
The first one is if Thrain took his sons on a diplomatic trip to the Iron hills. 
The second is just that part of Billy’s personality in Dain.

remember that time sauron sent a messenger to ply info about bilbo and the ring from dain and dain was just like nah and immediately sent someone to go warn bilbo and make sure he was all right bc i do and i’m crying