spent a cool day (well cool isn’t the right word when it’s like 40°C but still) with my favourite humans on earth! i’m gonna miss you soooooo much this whole month (we should skype someday though) YOU GUYS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ♥ weird faces and sunsets are my kind of heaven yayy

xpaperheartso asked:

Garrett puts his lil robe/coat thing aroun d fenris as he prepares t leave on a quest (it's nighttime) and fen isn't going bc he's sick. Fen is pissed garrett won't let him come bc he's sick and garrett kisses his fever warm forehead and brushes the elf's bottom lip gently with his thumb and assures the elf he will return as soon as he can. As he turns to leave he repeats something fen told him a while ago - "i am yours"

how do you make these without even playing the game i am incredibly impressed