D4 Weapons To Gain Instant Victory!

By d20source:

Sometimes a party plans for the battle, and don’t use the plan at all as soon as everything hits the fan…

I mean, it’s almost guaranteed…

But when the party do the math, or physics, they can create (and min/max) they can create devastating weapons of war and destruction!

So, as a present, here are four weapons of destruction, found on the internet, to help your party gain instant victory!

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Certainty - Chapter 1 - CeleryLapel - Community (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Community (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Annie Edison/Jeff Winger
Characters: Jeff Winger, Annie Edison, Doreen Fitzgerald Winger
Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Romance, Post Season 6

Post-S6. Jeff and Annie are dating. They haven’t yet told his mother.

I finally managed to fix all the problems I posted about last night. I’m learning all kinds of new things while working on this project.

One of our team mates has been telling me not to get an ego about the game and I’m really trying not to, especially since Jack hasn’t played any fan games on the channel for a year and a half (if I were him, I’d play them all the time but they are a ton of work so maybe there just aren’t many). I kind of want my game to stand out since it has a lot of talent behind it. I may have come up with the original story, and I am very proud of it, but other writers and artists have made it what it is.

So is it the fan game to end all fan games, the fan game to revolutionize the way we view fan games? Ha! No. Its gameplay is a bit lame because it’s very difficult to work with the program. The game is ultimately 4 very long fetch quests with a lot of puzzles in between.

But the story? Not gonna lie. I’m crazy proud of the story. One of our writers is an English/Sociology double major so she really knows how to study people. If you like games with engaging stories and good characters, this is definitely for you. I’ve been writing for 16 years and have begun and scrapped numerous projects (and even completed some) so I mean it when I say this is one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. I honestly wouldn’t be going through the headache of trying to learn how to program and write for games unless I believed in it. It wasn’t even going to be a Jack game in the very beginning. It was just a story I felt I had to tell and Jack was the perfect person through whom to tell it.

I want this to be a fan game that resonates with people, not one they play to get a few chuckles at Jack’s expense. I’m not satisfied with entertaining you for a little while and being forgotten. I want it to make you think. I want it to make you feel something.

With the right mindset, this game will definitely make you look at a few of Jack’s videos very differently.

But that’s on me. You don’t owe me anything. It’s my job to make you care. And all I can do is hope that you will. :)

Welcome to the GCSE Studyblr Network

As you might have noticed, I ( @cosmicstudies ) have been away for a while, because of my mock exams. But now, as they have finished, I would like to bring to you the GCSE Studyblr Network.



  • a place for people taking similar exams to talk together
  • ~~~~group chats~~~~
  • finding people doing the same subjects as you
  • british #relatableness
  • making friends
  • talking to people around the country
  • having friends of a similar age


  • you don’t have to be a studyblr
  • follow @gcsenetwork
  • you must reblog this post to raise awareness before joining
  • please only enter if you are taking your exams within 2 years
  • you must be kind and considerate towards other members
  • be an active tumblr
  • follow @cosmicstudies ( jk only if you want lol ;) )
  • have fun! this is a place for you to take a break from actual revision

Applications close on 28/01/17 but will reopen in a while.

I hope you have a wonderful time in this network and wish everyone the best of luck in their studies!



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This is beautiful. He Will Not Divide Us.

hey guys I know it’s late but I just wanted to say that maybe it isn’t impossible to keep going. i know a lot of us have struggled with depression and suicidal tendencies, and to be honest, i have too. a lot. I don’t know where the initial turmoil came from, or why it came from Anton Yelchin’s death, but it did. I miss the boy like a flower would miss sunlight. feeling like i’m slowly dying. 

I know a lot of Anton’s community might seem as if we have no right to dedicate ourselves to this young man’s memory so much, but Anton was a person not easily forgotten, and his death has not been easily accepted. We truly miss him. 

And we truly love him. Please don’t forget Anton Yelchin. 

31 Days of Heanthenism

20) Any thoughts on Tumblr in relation to your heathen path? (This is selfish – I’m asking because I’ve been reflecting on this a lot lately.) Do you document your practice in other ways?

This one isn’t a question of what to say, it’s where to even start?

We’ve all talked about it before, how Tumblr is our Heathen church. For so many of us it’s the only place we’ve found where we can discuss our Gods without fear. Not just the lore, the stories, the … esoterica, is that the word I’m looking for?

It’s where we can cry talk about what it feels like when they reach down and grab us by the shirt. The realities of that, and how to fit it into a mundane world.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I could do this without Tumblr. Not on this level.

I’ve recently come to realize I’m probably what’s called devout (no, really?).

Ok see, even writing that, saying it out loud, it feels really fucking weird. It feels pompous and presumptuous and makes me want to try and crack a joke here. I don’t know how to do this, I don’t know how to wear this skin, and if I didn’t have y’all to talk to about it, well. I can’t see doing this without a support system.

In the end of course it’s all down on us, no one else can help us serve our Gods, be devout in the ways they want us to be. But when the doubts get heavy, when the fear and the loneliness are big enough to chip away at your foundation, it helps to have a group of fellow misfits and miscreants to nod and smile and pass the booze.

in light of all that has happened this weekend, and this past year, I want to reiterate that this blog is always open to talk about issues that my followers may be struggling with. kindness and community are the two best things about humanity, and I hope that I’ve helped at least a little to create a place where any of you feel comfortable reaching out, if needed. I am sending this message out to all types of folks from all walks of life. 

please remember that we are all ↓

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@emmablackery @heythereimshannonofficial and lynz way are my inspirations, I tweeted about them and how great they are and Emma liked my tweet 😁😊not only did the women’s march turn out great but Emma liked my tweet, this day just keeps getting better and better!!! I needed this tbh, I haven’t been feeling happy lately but now I’m so happy I literally feel warm in the inside. First lynz noticed my fanart on twitter, then Emma sees this, everything is great!!! I’m so happy these beautiful strong individuals exist. And I’m also happy that the women’s march was a success, I feel like if people keep fighting for something eventually it will become a reality. Good job everyone!!!
))))good vibes((((