Aaron Burr x Reader - Patience

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As the heavy door finally swung open, you ambled into the warm, cosy coffee shop. It wasn’t one of your usual Costa(lot) or Starbucks, but a small, out-of-the-way café-cum-coffee shop. The scent of freshly roasted coffee beans made its way to your numb nose, the aroma tantalisingly inviting.

You had stumbled upon this place quite by chance; due to your lack of navigation skills, you had ended up here instead of at the new library, which was all the way on the other side of town. That day, you had been cold, wet, and tired, so you decided to be a rebel for once and go inside.

Boy, were you glad you had. While it looked tiny from the outside, the interior was rather spacious, housing wooden tables and benches, leather sofas and even a love-seat, tucked away in a corner. Thankfully, you had never actually seen anyone on it. The bar was always polished, and never seemed to get sticky like most.  Framed paintings dotted the high cream walls, showing picturesque landscapes. Your favourite one by far was on the far-right, with a gilt frame. It showed rolling hills that seemed to be alive, steep valleys, fields full of sheep – you loved it, and always tried to grab the table below it.

Taking a deep breath, you strolled up to the bar, trying to look nonchalant (but failing miserably.) Now, apart from the décor, there were two more reasons why you went out of your way to visit the little place. For one, the sheer name of the place - The Founding Brew-thers. It made you smirk every time you looked up at the carved sign (in a good way). You were a sucker for puns, even bad ones.

Oh, and the other reason?

“Hello, what can I get you today?”

Him. Him, that kind, soft-spoken bastard. And there he was, as always, ready to take your order with a smile on his face. And, as always, you were a blushing mess.

“Oh, uhm, hey Aaron! How are you today?”

Aaron chuckled, his eyes crinkling ever-so-slightly at the corners. “I’m doing very well, thank you. How about you?” Tossing a glance to the window, you scowled. “Freezing.”

If possible, he smiled wider. “I can see what you mean. Alas, I’m not paid for small-talk. What would you like?”

Oh god, here we go. Craning your neck up to the billboard above the counter, you scanned the options, ‘ooh’ing and ‘aah’ing. This part was always the worst; trying to get your mouth to co-operate with your brain was never an easy feat. Especially with Aaron eyeing you fondly.

“Hm, how about a Latte? No, wait, a Frappuccino. Or, how about a hot chocolate? Ooh, what about a coffee?”

With every new drink, Aaron waited patiently. He knew you well enough by now that it took a while for you to actually decide on a drink. He thought it was probably just a thing that you did.

If only he knew the truth.

“No! One of your signature hot chocolates, please.”

Aaron scribbled your order on his little notepad. You could tell that he wasn’t really surprised by your choice; you ordered the same goddamn drink every time you entered the building. He might as well have it permanently written down. “Would you like cream or marshmallows?”

You grinned, despite your earlier bumble. “As always.”

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … . … … … … … .

You collapsed onto a chair. God, that man made you look crazy, mumbling and messing up your words. He was just so handsome and charismatic. You really wanted to make an effort to get to know him more, but you had no idea where to start. ‘Hey, I like your face and you make me hot chocolate. Want to go out sometime?’

Yeah, not likely.

Grabbing your laptop, you carefully place it in front of you. After pressing the power button, you waited for your drink while your computer woke up. Tapping out your password, you opened the document you had been working on, scanning the paragraph you had typed before logging off last night.

 You chewed your lip. A shuffling beside you made you look up, and there was the man himself, standing beside you, a steaming mug cradled in his calloused hands. “One order of hot chocolate?”

You smiled at the sight; a hot mug piled high with cream and dotted with marshmallows, in the hands of your one-sided crush. Aaron raised one eyebrow slightly. “Oh! Yes, um, thank you.” God, you hoped you hadn’t been staring.

As the drink transferred between hands, your fingers brushed up against Aaron’s. You marvelled at the sheer smoothness of his skin. The again, everything about him seemed to be smooth. His skin, his head, his charm. Even his voice could only be described as smooth; like chocolate, rich and velvety.

Placing the mug beside your laptop, you flash a smile in the barista’s direction. Why hadn’t he moved yet?

You tried to ignore the man’s presence. He only made you nervous, and you had to concentrate on the task at hand. Mainly, writing out an essay for your boss. What, were you back in high school or something? Oh well. You were extremely grateful for your job. Free to choose your own hours in the actual office, working from home in your pyjamas, doing pretty much everything on your trusty laptop - you couldn’t think of anything better.

 Well, you could, but that wasn’t the point. The point was, Aaron was still standing behind you. He seemed to be sca-

No. He was not reading your essay. Even though you wanted to slam the lid down, you slowly turned to look at Aaron. His face was surprisingly close to your own, his minty breath tickling your neck slightly. Looking down at your lap, all you could do was wait for him to finish.

After what seemed like a year, Aaron finally pulled away. You felt like a student waiting for their teacher’s approval on a project. “Well, you seem to be very interested in my essay. What do you think?”

Aaron cocked his head to the side, as if deep in thought. “You have most of it down pat; however, you have a couple small grammar mistakes I think you should check out. Very good, though.”

Oh god, you hoped there was nothing major. How much of a fool would you look? “Oh, uhm, thank you.”

A dazzling smile was sent your way. “No problem, [Y/N].”

You were left in a daze as Aaron sauntered back over to the counter, whistling a small tune. Did he, did he really just read your boring essay? And he found it interesting? Settling back to your work, you take a sip of your hot chocolate. While you appeared calm and focused on the outside, you were squealing and screaming on the inside.

That was the first time he had called you by your first-name, without you ordering a drink.

Happy, but confused, you chase the man out of your mind, focusing on the laptop in front of you.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … . … … … … … 

The door slammed shut, without you really meaning to. Gale-force winds had blown you from side to side walking on the street, but you were warm at last. Even though your hair was wind-swept and your face flushed with the cold, you made your way up to the counter.

Unsurprisingly, you were one of only few in the shop; the weather probably made people decide to brew their own coffee for once. Sadly, you couldn’t stay for long.

“Morning, [Y/N]. What can I get you?”

Oh dear. Poor Aaron looked shattered; his eyes were dead, and he seemed about thirty years older than he actually was. You winced. “Aaron, are, are you quite alright? You seem a bit… tired.”

Aaron deadpanned you. “My, ah, ‘co-workers’, have been arguing non-stop since six am this morning.” As if on cue, the door to the backroom slammed against the wall. Two men rushed out, both dishevelled and angry.

“Aaron! Tell that hairy peacock that-“

“Burr, will you please tell this loudmouth that I-“

“He is wrong about everythin-“

“Never said a word against his bloody-“

“And he-“

Financial plan, and even though it is a pile of horse-crap-“

“Hey! You’re a pile of horse-crap!”

With that, the two men were almost strangling each other. Aaron sighed, still looking at you. Wincing at the pure animosity that radiated from the pair, you bit your lip, anticipating their next move.

Aaron turned sharply to glare at his co-workers. While still hostile, they wilted slightly under his harsh gaze. Like a parent with two naughty children, Aaron began to lecture the men.

“I swear to ever-loving god, if I hear one more peep out of the pair of you, I am going straight up to Mr Washington’s office to report the two of you for disturbing customers. Now, back into the kitchen, and do the job you are payed to do.”

The short one began to protest, but was silenced with a sharp jab towards the door. They slunk out like stroppy teenagers, grumbling under their breath but too intimidated to say anything out loud. You raised your eyebrows in surprise. This was another side of Aaron completely.

“Wow. I’m impressed. Are they like that all the time?”

“Sadly, yes. Usually, our boss is here to keep them in line, but he’s busy in his office.”

“Ouch… They must be quite a handful. Kind of remind of two stroppy kids.”

For what seemed to be the first time all day, Aaron cracked a smile. “Definitely. Now, what’ll it be?”

Oh, damn it. You had been on a roll up until this point.

“Oh, uhm, just a small hot chocolate to-go, please.”

Someone get out the calendar – you had actually gotten your order right on the first try! You weren’t the only one surprised.

“To-go? You aren’t staying?”

If you hadn’t known any better, you could’ve sworn he looked almost disappointed. “Yeah… My boss needs me in the office today.”

A small, sad smile covered Aaron’s face. “Okay… Same as usual?”

You nodded in assent. For some reason, you suddenly felt awkward. You moved over to the end of the shiny counter, waiting patiently for your drink.

It came quicker than expected, but then again, the place was virtually empty. You muttered a quick ‘thanks’, stepping over to the sugars and other assorted coffee-additions. Stirring in a small sugar, you look over Aaron’s spidery writing. You could almost see his hand drawing the letters.

You were puzzled. A small collection of numbers were scrawled just underneath your name. It looked like… A phone number?

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Hey! Just wondering if maybe you could update the bakery or coffee shop tag? I'm in love with that stuff! Keep up the amazing work!

bakery was just updated so here’s some coffee stuff

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LIBRA 23 Sep - 22 Oct
Action planet Mars will be spicing up your life today.
This involves your work place, friendships and relationships.
Don’t be ignorant to the things that are happening around you, as they will affect the rest of your life.
Enjoy yourself today, as this is gong to be the best day of your life so far.


Derek bad day turns into the best day of his life so far


“Aren’t you going to be late for work?” he asked.

It took a few moments before I realized what he said, I hastily checked my watch “Shit yeah, thanks for the coffee but I have to go” I said grabbing my coffee and making towards the exit.

“Hey wait!”

“Yeah?” I asked looking over my shoulder.

“I’m Stiles”


“And by the way, I’m not a student, and I’m 24”

Smooth Like Your Face by Cobrilee (1/1 | 2,525 | PG13)

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Runaways - One shot

This is sort of a sequel/one shot following from my epilogue of Coffee Shop. I couldn’t resist writing a little bit more of the future of these two. 

SCENARIO - Chanyeol and his hard-to-control twin children! 

Read coffee shop here


You looked up in surprise as you heard the sound of excited children’s voices. You eyes widened in shock as you watched two small toddlers sprinting across the coffee shop to where you were sat, their small legs thumping their way across the wooden floors. 

Your children reached you and flung their tiny arms around you, and you laughed in surprise, looking down at where they were grinning up at you with large gummy smiles. You reached down from your seat to lift the nearest child onto your lap, and leant to kiss the other on the top of head where he was clinging onto your leg. Your daughter giggled, as she sat happily on your lap, wrapping her arms around you neck with a gummy grin.

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Hi! I'm looking for a fic where insomniac dan visits phil's coffee shop with his mom and then phil draws him? also they're both bi and they meet phil's ex at one of his galleries? thank you so so much !!

When You Can’t Sleep At Night - Dan has insomnia and his mum takes him for drives whenever he can’t sleep. One day, she takes him to a cafe where he meets a blue-eyed man with charcoal stains on his arms who gives him a reason to keep coming back.

- Aoife