@gradblrchallenge - day 30 of 31

Oh wow - is August really about to end? Today, I had to run some errands in a different neighborhood, so I took my iPad and some scans of Richard Jackson’s Ordines Coronationis Franciae to finish cataloguing some info on manuscripts I may wanna look into later on.

I also got an e-mail from my department reminding third-year students about a grand application workshop and how we’re supposed to send a 3-page topic presentation by Friday - all of which, of course, I had absolutely forgotten. I guess I already know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!

raniranirani3  asked:

Hello trash, I am looking for a fic about Dan having Insomnia, so his mom and him go to a pastry shop where Phil is the only worker and his mom wants Dan to get Phil's number. Looked in the coffee shop and insomnia masterlists but can't find it. THANKS

When You Can’t Sleep at Night - Dan has insomnia and his mum takes him for drives whenever he can’t sleep. One day, she takes him to a cafe where he meets a blue-eyed man with charcoal stains on his arms who gives him a reason to keep coming back.


This has now become my favourite coffeeshop for studying. No noisy music, wonderful coffee and great cakes and quiches and sandwiches; super friendly barista. And free water. Lots of vegan choices. And lots of people studying or reading their paper here. I love it. Currently preparing Ethics for my oral exams in September. Where I’ll be sitting in front of 4 middle aged men of the church, talking about abortion. Need I say more.