Chapter Four: Make-up Girl

“Hyung who?”


Your eyes widened.

“Rain, you mean like my boss, I mean my 2nd boss? Cause your my boss, well YOUR not my boss but MBLAQ is my bosses and then he’s my boss-boss.”


 “What he gonna say when he sees up in here?”

“SHHHH!” repeated Joon

You heard the door locked.

“Joon what the hell, I told you that I don’t like waiting.”

Rain looked at Joon lost.

“Who’s this?”

You took a glimpse as his intricate, toned body.

“H-h-hi, I’m the make up girl..”

You said bowed at Rain.

“Hi.” He smiled

He has to be like 28 or something you thought.

“I’m sorry but, _________, was just on her way to go check on Mir’s face.” Said Joon as he pushed you out the room

“It was nice to meet you, make up girl.” Rain grinned

You melted as you knocked on Mir’s door, to find him fast sleep in the same position he was when you left.

“Mir, Mir! Wake up, it’s time to the mask off.”

Once you finally got Mir’s face back to normal, you made your way back to your room.

“Rain.. is something.” You whispered as you collapsed onto your bed.

No no no. I can’t have feelings for every buff, good looking, tall Asian man that I see.

You stand up off the bed and grabbed your make up kit.

Before you exited your room, you looked both ways, checking to make sure neither Rain nor Joon were in the hall.

It’s clear.

You attempted to tiptoe until your bumped into Seungho.

“Hi.” He smiled

“Oh, Seungho-ssi, Hi.” You said bowing

Seungho-ssi gave you a curious look.

“What were you doing in Joon’s room?”

You immediately began to panic.

“Uh well, I helped face. No wait, I helped Mir’s face. But not like Mir’s ugly, he just had a rash so I helped him clear his face and then Joon and I danced, but I helped Joon dance. I JUST HELPED EVERYONE.”

Seungho turned his head to the side.

“I just asked a question..”

“Sorry. Lack of sleep and uhh not enough.. twizzlers make me act funky.”

“Twizzlers?” laughed Seungho

“You’re funny, Noona.” He smiled as he walked towards his room.

I really need to stop babbling..

You made your way to the elevator as you waiting for it to arrive.

When the elevator arrived, you looked to see both Joon and Rain.

Just my luck..

You rolled your eyes and entered the elevator. Standing in the middle of the two.

“Which floor?” asked Rain and Joon at the same time

“Uhh the main.”

Rain smiled as he pushed the button.

You could feel an enormous about of tension in this little elevator.

“Ha ha, this thing sure is slow..” you commented

Wowww. No response from either of them.

You stood awkwardly in the middle of both of them.

“After you, hyung.” Spoke Joon

“No. You go first.” Smiled Rain sarcastically

“No no, hyung, you first.”

“No. I’m your boss. So I say you go.”

You sighed and marched off.


You could feel eyes watching you as you left.

Yup. They’re watching my ass.

You walked towards the party room, where you would be doing the make up for everyone.

“Oh. Thunder ssi.” You paused

“Noona, which side of my face is better. My left or my right.” He questioned as he observed both sides of his face

“Thunder ssi, both sides are fine.” You laughed as you began unpacking your stuffed

“Noona, do you like guys with mustaches?”

“Uhhh. I’m not really that picky.”

“Oh. So do you like guys with muscles?”

“I guess.. why do you ask?”

“No reason.”

You continued setting up as Thunder walked out the room

What is he asking crazy questions?