volturisecretary  asked:

Out of the guards, do you think Eleazar was the only one to know about Chelsea’s ability? When he reveals it in BD, I️ got a ‘we didn’t really talk about it because it was for the greater good” vibe. Just sort of curious on your thoughts because I️ could see it going either way.

Yeah, it’s odd. Here’s the weird paragraph in question: 

Eleazar came to an abrupt halt. “We all understood why Chelsea was important. In a fight, if we could separate allegiances between allied covens, we could defeat them that much more easily. If we could distance the innocent members of a coven emotionally from the guilty, justice could be done without unnecessary brutality—the guilty could be punished without interference, and the innocent could be spared. Otherwise, it was impossible to keep the coven from fighting as a whole. So Chelsea would break the ties that bound them together. It seemed a great kindness to me, evidence of Aro’s mercy. I did suspect that Chelsea kept our own band more tightly knit, but that, too, was a good thing. It made us more effective. It helped us coexist more easily.”

It’s one of those times where “what SM wrote” and “what SM probably intended” really don’t jive. It makes no strategic sense for Aro to let anyone know what Chelsea’s gift can do, and it also makes no sense for Eleazar, of all people, to be 1)unsure and 2)not curious about the particulars, and the potential that’s implied there.

So I try to compromise in my headcanon, leaning more toward “what SM probably intended.” All the (permanent) guards know that Chelsea has a powerful, crucial gift. Some of them (like Demetri) have noticed her focusing on them from time to time, and that afterwards they always feel… better, somehow. More at peace with their situation. The natural conclusion is that she’s some kind of empath. Maybe not the “moment to moment” kind that Corin is; something deeper and more lasting. It would make sense to an inquiring mind that there’s *some* kind of magic at work, for everyone to get along so well in such close proximity.

I think the super-old ones like Corin might know better, and they suspect something closer to the truth (like “an empath but for groups or relationships”), but it’s still vague and they know it’s best not to talk about it. “Nosing around about people’s gifts” is firmly discouraged in Volterra.

Most of the transitory Guards don’t know a thing about her. She’s obviously a warm, friendly person who helped them settle in and checked on them from time to time. They might suspect she’s Marcus’ secret mistress or something, to be so favored in cloak color.


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