moments | c.h.

an ongoing series of short writings about being with calum, which can be read in any order.

a picnic

in which calum realises that he thinks about you a lot.

‘Me and you,’ he continued, his voice soft and lilting. ‘Maybe a couple of dogs, on a big property with rolling hills and an old house, forever.’

the laundry debacle

in which calum fought with a robot sink and lost.

‘Slow down,’ you said, spinning him around to face you. ‘You’re not a failure just because you don’t know how to do the laundry.’

i’m sick, you know?

in which calum, bless his soul, is deliriously unwell.

‘I miss being able to breathe through my nose,’ Calum mused sadly, picking at a loose thread on your sweatpants. .

despondent plants

in which calum, with the aid of a potted plant, realises how much he misses you.

‘Yeah,’ he said, the word getting stuck in his throat. ‘‘M still here, sorry, I got distracted. There’s a… pot plant here.’

gauzy curtains

in which calum ditches his terrible novel for a cuddle with you.

Groaning a little, he shifted until he was comfortable, wrapping his arms around you and pushing his face into the crook of your neck.

it was in the way which

in which we discuss calum’s life as not only a rockstar, but also a soft and loving man.

It was in the way that he grumpily nudged you awake, mumbling something about the taxi leaving soon and gently threatening to push you off the bed if you stayed asleep.

with you

in which calum wakes up from a well needed nap with you.

There were a lot of things that he missed while he was tour but god, he missed you the most.


in which i describe a fleeting moment with calum, written for nadya.

Calum laughed under you, his eyes crinkling.


Like Her - Part 7 (C.H.)

A/N: sorry that it took so long. I wasn’t motivated enough to finish writing it last week, but I have now. there should be only one more part after this (at the most two more) then the short series will be over. hope you like it! enjoy :)

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~Third Person~

Calum drove the van into the empty lot in front of the abandoned warehouse. Everyone filed out of the van, weapons in hand as they took a look around. No one said a word as Calum stared at the building with a blank expression on his face.
Many things were running through Calum’s mind at the moment. One of them being about what happened the last time that he was here and another being what he hopes won’t happen while he’s here again.
“Alright,” Calum muttered and his gun clicked as the bullet was prepped into place.
Everyone turned to look at him.
“Find Styles. Keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings. Do not underestimate the situation. Got it?” Calum prattled off instructions. He received nods in return. “You guys head off in pairs.”
“But Cal,” Bryana interjected. “you’ll be by yourself.”
He waved her off. “I’ll be fine. Besides, if something happens to me while I try to find Y/N, I need her to find you guys.”
Ashton clasped Calum’s shoulder. “You be careful, alright? Think smart, Cal. Don’t just be driven with vengeance. That won’t help Y/N if you fight based on your anger. Your main priority is to save Y/N and for both of you to return.”
Calum nodded once and patted Ashton’s back. “Look out for each other, alright?” He looked him in the eye. “Take care of them, Ash.” Calum’s words held a deeper meaning.
“You’ll come back, Calum.”
Calum didn’t say anything in return as he looked back at the warehouse. “Let’s go.”

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Request: 6 with Calum

Calum sighs as he boards the plane, not very enthusiastic about taking the plane alone for the first time in years. But at least now he’ll get back to his bandmates. Something held him up at their last destination and he had to spend two days extra there. Thank god it was during a small break in their tour.

He can’t wait to find the three idiots again, he’s been feeling really homesick. Oh yeah, because now his home isn’t Australia anymore, but this weird thing called 5sauce or something. Life works in mysterious ways.

In any case, he’s a bit morose as he sits down in the plane for the five-hour long flight, knowing that there won’t be any Mike to annoy the hell out of him, no Luke to tell stupid jokes to, and no Ashton to scold them with a fond smile on his face.

Which is why he’s pleasantly surprised when he sees you take the seat next to him, because maybe he won’t have his bandmates to have fun with but at least he’ll have something nice to look at.

You don’t notice him at all though, your eyes rivetted to the seat in front of you as you put your music volume to maximum and clench your hands on the bar between the seats until your knuckles turn white. People say the worst part is the take-off, but to you all of it is equally horrifying. You have an extreme case of vertigo, and just the knowledge of how far off the ground you are makes you sick to your stomach, not to mention scared shitless.

Calum minds his own business for the first hour, deciding not to meddle with the girl that hasn’t spared him a glance, and instead reading a music book that Joel Madden recommended to him. He only starts to pay attention when he recognizes the low hum of the music you’re blasting your ears with.

He drums the beat on his thighs for a little, wondering where he knows the song from, until it suddenly dawns on him. This is a song from his own band, an old one at that. They haven’t performed The Only Reason for so long, only invested fans know about it. And invested fans don’t happen to ignore one of the bandmembers, usually. So yes, his interest is peaked.

He sends you glances, noticing how pretty you are again, before his eyes fall to your hands and the death grip you have on the bars. Are you…afraid? He looks back at your face and realizes how tense you look, jaw clenched and eyes unblinking.

Just then, the plane drops a little and you let out a small scream.

“Oh god I’m sorry,” you mutter in Calum’s direction, still looking fixedly forward with your heart beating loudly in your chest.

You pause the music to hear the pilot warning of the turbulence to come, and just then someone says:

“No worries.”

Your breath catches at the familiar voice and you turn to see that yes, Calum Hood is sitting in the seat next to you. Breathe, Y/N, breathe.

He sends you a hesitant smile and you’re about to tell him how huge a fan you are when the plane rumbles and you let out a whimper instead, folding in on yourself as fear really grips your stomach.

“Hey, are you okay?” Calum asks, and it’s all you can do to shake your head ‘no’. “Do you…wanna hold my hand?”

Under any other circumstances you might have squealed or fainted, but you’re so in need of comfort that the whole celebrity crush thing flies out of your head and in no time you find yourself clutching his warm, slender hand.

He leans a little closer to you.

“Breathe, baby. Just breathe, it’s gonna be okay. What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you say, trying to concentrate on him and not on the erratic movements of the plane.

“Okay Y/N, can you tell me about yourself.”

“I…I really like your music, I’m going to–fuck,” you whimper again as the plane lurches, and this time Calum puts down the bar between the two of your seats and pulls you closer to him, almost on his lap.

“Hey, it’s okay, you’re gonna be okay,” he whispers in your ear as he holds you tight, his warm embrace comforting as you feel a little more protected. “Do you want me to sing something for you?”

“So many girls would kill to be in my place right now,” you laugh shakily. “But I’d rather just be on the ground.”

“How hurtful,” Calum grins and he starts to hum a melody in your ear, soft and sweet.

And that’s how you spend the next three hours of the flight, scooped up in your idol’s arms as he whispers funny stories and hums lullabies in your ear, his grip tightening on you every time the plane moves particularly violently.

You’ve never had a better flight.