I want to say a few things. First off, I don’t understand why people are assuming that Connor and Troye broke up just because they haven’t been seen together or tweeted each other recently. Maybe Connor accompanied Troye for a lot of the BN tour because he had free time and wasn’t too busy but now Connor is busy so he’s not with Troye. And Connor not tweeting Troye congratulating him on his BBMAs performance means nothing, Connor was on a plane to the Philippines the night of the BBMAs. And maybe he called Troye later on or something, we don’t know, there are things that happen behind closed doors. Just because they’re not with each other right now or interacting on social media does not mean they broke up. Couples don’t need to constantly be together or active on social media to show they love each other or whatever. AND, if they did break up, that’s okay. I just want Connor and Troye to be happy and continue to support each other because they are the best of friends. We can’t force them into dating or breaking up, it’s their lives. I ship Tronnor but I also respect them. If they are dating or still dating, that’s great! I love them together but if they’re not, it doesn’t matter, they are best friend goals.

T Mall lipstick CF filming behind the scenes clip

Director: mumble mumble…appears to be explaining the scene.

Yixing: “Who’s going kiss me in a bit?”

Director: “In a bit the lights will be turned off (and when the light comes back on) then there’ll be a girl’s lipstick mark near there (points to the corner of his mouth).”

Yixing (nervously looking at the staff): “Who..who..who’s going to kiss me?”

Director: “mumble mumble I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you.”


Bausch & Lomb Full Movie (The Hormones cast + Bambam, Mark and Junior)