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Tom Byrne


I’m back from Celtica (and I already miss it…). It was amazing this year! Perfect! I spent some great days with my best Friends, and experienced so much! Found a New favorite music band, found a sort of spiritual peace, hitted a guy throwing a piece of a pine… I loved it so much! I also found the time to start drawing something New with the babes

Unearthed 500 BC Celtic tomb reveals golden necklace on prince - or is it a princess?

French archaeologists have completed excavations of an ancient burial site revealing the decorated skeleton of a Celtic prince, who however might as well have been a princess.

The tomb dating back some 2,500 years was discovered in an industrial area of Lavau, a village near Troyes, about 150km south east of Paris earlier this year.

The finding was soon described as “extraordinary” by experts analysing the first artefacts to surface, which included a Mediterranean bronze cauldron adorned with lion heads.

As digging continued, the team with the National Archaeological Research Institute (Inrap) eventually reached the centre of the burial site, which at 40m (130ft) of diameter is one of the largest from its period ever to be unearthed. Read more.


French archaeologists excavating an Iron Age burial mound have uncovered the remains of a richly furnished burial dating from the 5th century BC. Most likely representing the final resting place of a local Iron Age aristocrat, the mound measured approximately 40m in diameter and was located near the small village of Lavau, in north-western France. Previous work at the site had uncovered a number of high status grave goods, including a magnificent bronze cauldron

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