Rome: Seven Minutes

Rome: Seven Minutes

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REMINDER: Just in case you didn’t know, Christian is Rome’s orginal/English name.

“WOAHH! Christian! You got Christian _____!!” Your friends cheered. The one person at the party you didn’t want to get. It’s not that you didn’t know him, in fact you’ve known him since before he moved here from Australia. But he always made you nervous. You were both really competitive but for some reason, you could never beat him, no matter how hard you worked.

You were both dancers since middle school, and in every talent show, he would always place one before you. Even in school, whenever you made a perfect grade, so would he; whenever he scored a 99, you would score a 98. It irritated you more than anything. Salty? Like hell, you were salty.

The only thing you were better at was cooking, singing and having a boyfriend and height too. He, like everyone, towered you. He was a terrorist in the kitchen and satan when he sang. And he’s had a few girlfriends but the relationships never lasted that long and you were sure it was because the girl couldn’t stand his arrogant personality.

”_______! Why are you still sitting there? Come on!!” Your friend Eric, who hosted the party, ushered you to get up. “Go girl! It won’t be that bad,” your friend Choa, sitting nesting you pushed you forward as your other friend Hyeri pulled you up. “I’m sure it’s going to be lots of fun!” She giggles as if to hint something.

“Whatever, you act like he’s Ravi or something,” you rolled your eyes. “You know the Rav____ ship sank before it even set sail right?” She jokes even though she wasn’t. “Rome!” She got his attention, Peniel had already dragged him in front of the room you and him would be waiting him and left.

He smiles at to Hyeri and gives you a blank to haughty expression. “Your timer starts the moment the door shuts,” she exclaims. “Hehe, enter holding hands!” She connects your hands together. “What! That’s not even a rule!” You clarified and pulled your hand away.

“Do it! It’ll be more fun!” Amber pushed on. You turned to see the whole crew in the living room had followed you. “What the heck guys! You weren’t watching when Hyeri and Henry were doing it! And you didn’t make them hold hands either! Same for Yura and Jonghyun!”

“Because they would do it without having to be asked,” Ray explains, “You know what? She’s never going to agree to holding his hands. Let’s just tie their hands together!” Your eyes shot bullets through Ray when the words fell from his lips.

“Ah! Yes! That’s really smart Ray! Let’s do it!” Amy cheered. She immediately moved over to Rome and pulled off his tie. He laughs, “You guys are too much.” “He means you guys are a bunch of assholes,” you say, “Don’t you fucking dare touch me!” You dodged Amy when she reached out for your wrist.

“You guys are so fucking childish!” The others start laughing. “Calm down _____! It’s only for seven minutes! You don’t have to even say anything!” “__________! Get back here! If you don’t get your ass over here then you’re paying for dinner the rest of the week!” Amy threatened.

“Uh-Agh…. fine,” you sighed and gave up. “Not so tight Amy! Why are you crossing our wrists?” You questioned. It wasn’t comfortable. “You complain too much, it’s not even tight,” Amy replies. “How the hell do you expect me to be comfort for seven minutes like this??” You complain again. “Twine your fingers with his!” Amy says, without making a move, Rome curl his fingers between yours first. “You’re always so difficult,” he retorts without looking at you.

“Okay that took way long than it should have,” Amber joins Amy and pushes both of you into the room. “Oh, I almost forgot,” Amy says, she starts patting you and Rome down, taking your phones away. “Christian, I need your watch too,” she tells Rome and takes off the watch herself.

“Okay, have a good time!” Amber gave a cheeky smile and slammed the door shut and put an additional lock on the door, since the built in lock could be unlocked from the inside. You heard the giggling decrease as the group moved back to the living room.

… … . .

After counting to ten, you began complaining again, “Isn’t it time already?? Swear, I bet they’re cheating on the time.” Rome sighs, “We just got here. And you know it could be worse right?” You sigh. He was right, it could be worse but who you were you kidding, this wasn’t even that bad. After all that alcohol, you could use some peace and quiet.

“Uhh.. Chri- Barom, what are you doing,” you could feel his warm breath on your neck. “You smell so fucking good, ______,” he says. His voice was unnecessarily breathy, you could feel every word on your skin. “Stop, you’re being so weird,” you say, shrugging your shoulders, hoping to push him off.

“I can’t, we’re tied remember?” Of course, how could you forget? But at least he doesn’t have to be this close to you! “Why are you being like this?” His fingers of his free hand tickled the skin under the hem of your sequin cami, but you brush them off. But that doesn’t stop him, he continues to touch you, cold hands landing on your somewhat bare tummy, giving you goosebumps. “Ro-”

“You’re so beautiful….. and attractive,” he hisses into your ears, sending shivers down your back. His hands gently snakes to you back and down underneath the cloth of your high-waisted shorts. “Rome… stop. Why are- you doing this?” you asked with short breaths.

“Why are you so nervous?” He whispers in your ear, “We’ve known each other forever.” “That’s not the point Christian,” you said, tempting to push him off but you were tied so it didn’t really make much difference. “Then what is?” he asks, cornering you again, his breath blowing against your forehead. Looking away, you don’t put effort in pushing him away so you just smirk.

“I have a boyfriend. That’s the point,” you sighed. He lowers his face to align with yours, “You think I’m convinced?” he chuckles, blowing your hair back. “He doesn’t even love you, he doesn’t even care.” You wanted to hit him but you remained calm. “Like all your friends said, the Rav______ ship sank before it set sail.”

You wish you couldn’t deny it but you couldn’t. Ravi, your boyfriend for over a year, didn’t really care about you anymore and you could care less about what he was really doing right now too. Why you were still together? You had no clue. It’s like you were just staying for the boyfriend and girlfriend title. To make Rome jealous? Was that it? You couldn’t even come up with a legit reason why you were with Ravi.

Sure, at first you and him were crazy about each other but after a year, it just faded. He didn’t even remember your anniversary, and you weren’t at all disappointed, though you should have been. Actually, you weren’t even expect anything.

“What the hell do you know?” you retort, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of being correct. Without a verbal answer, his lips crash on yours. First you were pushing him off but he holds your tied hand against the wall on your head and the same with the other. Soon your reluctance pacified and your lips were beginning to move with his.

“Christ-” “Barom,” he corrects you the moment you open your mouth after he pulls away. “I feel closer to you when you use that,” he continues, his voice now was much more soothing. You felt like your chest was about to pop. You heart was beating so fast and you loud you were pretty sure he could hear it.

“I like you _______, a lot… no, I love you,” he begins confessing, “for a really long time, it’s almost sick.” He looks at you full of hope.

You gulped and bite your lower lip. “I… I…”

He shuts his eyes, ready to except your rejection. You were right, you had Ravi now, you had no business getting between you. The only thing he could do was wish you happiness.

“I think I like you too…” you confess. He looks into your eyes, , half surprised and half suspecting what he just heard. “You do?” The way he was looking you made you blush and you turned away in embarrassment and nod. “I don’t know when but… yeah.”

With his free hand, he turns your chin over so your eyes meet again. You blinked and when you opened your eyes, the next thing you know is his lips touching yours. It wasn’t long before you kissed him back and was even sooner that the kiss became hot and passionate. His tongue pushed past the entrance of your cavern and fought your tongue for dominance, which his effortlessly won.

His hands began to travel up your crop cami, not even realizing the time you let him go freely. You impatiently move the hand he had locked with yours down to your pants, motioning him to unbutton them. He smirks at your bold move. He moves your free hand to his pants so you guys could proceed together.

His hands immediately slipped in your panties the moment your shorts were off. Yours remained on the waistline of his boxers.  “Hmm… You’re so wet _______,” He purrs, it satisfied him more knowing he was getting you this excited. He was getting impatient as well and shoved your hands down his pants.

You already felt his hard on grinding on you but this the thing in your hand was massive. He fingers massages your with an increasing tension. “Barom… stop teasing,” you whimpered. With that you slip his boxers down.

His lips caress yours again, this time much hotter and sloppier than ever. He guides both hands both your head, pushing you forcefully against the wall. He knew he couldn’t waste much time so you on trying to take off your top. He pushed your top up above your breasts and attacked the skin under your bra with his hands. is lips now launched at your neck, sucking you sweet spot hard.

His member lines up with your womanhood. “Hmm are you ready ________?” he whispers into your ears. You groan in consent as he grind his hips against yours. With that, he thrusts his member deep down into you. You whimper from sudden pain then in pleasure.

He didn’t intend to make the first thrust so hard but it must have been the alcohol acting on him, but seeing your reaction threw his worries out the window.  He wraps your legs around his waist so you could be higher and he an easily thrust into you and so get deeper.

You throw your arms around his neck, pulling his face closer to yours. Your lips attacked his, your tongues fought for dominance and was again, his won. His kiss was almost just as intense as the pounding he was giving you against the wall. The way he was moving his hips was like magic. Just like the way he danced. All his moves were magic.

“Just thinking that… that shit you call… boyfriend’s… been in here… I can’t stand it…” He grunts between his thrusts, each time being harder than the previous. You moan and arch your back off the wall as you felt yourself tighten around him. Your fingers of your free hand entangled through his hair, his face buried at the nape of your neck, mercilessly sucking at the skin present. You were sure you were marked but you couldn’t think straight so you didn’t stop him. His mouth made the sensation more exquisite.

“Barom~” You moaned, you were close to your climax. You couldn’t even make out your whole sentence. The words you were stuck in your throat, you could feel it. “Yes, go baby,” Rome hissed in your ears. His voice, there was no saying no. You let go as his thrusts quickened. “Barom!!~ Oh my god!!~ Uh~” your scream fuse into a throaty moan.

Soon after your release, he shoots his load deep inside you. You hang your body against him weakly. It wasn’t proper sex but is by far the best sex you ever had. He was still holding your tied hand as your other arm was swung around his neck. You were exhausted but the same time you felt energized.

“Did I hurt you?” his voice was soft and gentle again. You felt like just melting against his body. You weakly shook your head. He smiles and kisses you softly. “Let’s get dressed.”

He quickly puts his clothes on in its usual position and helped you into yours. Right when you got your shorts on, the door introduced with a loud bang, reminding you you friends were just outside and you were challenged. You looked at Rome with wide eyes, “Fuck.”

“HOW MANY SEVEN MINUTES ARE YOU TWO PLANNING TO TAKE IN THERE?” the voice belonged to Amy’s. “How many seven minutes do you plan on locking us up in here!” Rome yelled back in reply. She unlocks and opens the door with her hands covering her eyes. Then removing them when she knew it was safe to look.

“You’ll made it!” Amber congratulated. You pull of his tie from your wrist the moment you step out the room.

“I thought they were going to kill each other in there,” Eric smirks knowingly.

“They did! Didn’t you hear the walls almost falling down?” Choa says.

“And look, Rome punched ________ so hard, he bruised her,” Amy teases, pointing out the mark on your neck.

“AMY!” you exclaimed, pulling your blazer up to cover the red skin.

You all return to the living room, sitting in your circle. Rome decides to sit next to you but you playfully push him away. “I told you the Ba______ ship was they way to go,” Amy whispers to you. You slap her leg as Rome pulls your hand into his.


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