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About babies and bellies. (Yongguk Scenario)

A/N: Hey, kids. So I tried to do something sweet and adorable based on some experience i had. I hope you guys like it. Really.

This scenario is part of the 200 writing prompt writing challenge. [ 23 - overwhelmed].

About babies and bellies.

As she stormed through the door, you looked at your husband in silence. He was biting his lips. You knew exactly what that mean. He was scared. As scared as you were. And even thought both of you have been rehearsing that conversation over and over for the past three years, you never knew exactly how to start it. And when the situation presented itself in front of you, you panicked. And Yongguk panicked too. Great. That was just what you needed.

“I’ll go get her…” he managed to say. You wish you could say you were going with him, but turns out that you just couldn’t face your daughter at that moment.

You left out a loud sight and buried your face on your hands, trying to keep calm, but your heart was racing and you were really scared that, somehow, in those four minutes of conversation that close, warm, kind and lovely family you and Yongguk built together died forever. And you just couldn’t handle it now.

Four minutes. It was all that took for you six years old daughter to rush inside the house crying and screaming. Her face was red and her eyes were swollen and, in the middle of all thoses tears and gags, she managed to ask you if it was true. If she was, indeed, an adopted kid.

You stood there, mouth open, trying to figure out something to say when Yongguk did what was the best and simply said yes. That she was adopted. You believed he had another things to say, like reassuring her that she was the most loved kid in the world and telling her how much both of you fought to have her in your family, but she didn’t give him time. She just stormed out through the back door and Yongguk went after her.

You looked through the window and spot them. She was maintaining her distance, not wanting to get too close to him. She was exactly like you: couldn’t stay mad at Yongguk when he got close. And exactly like you, she knew to hang on her anger. To the hell with all those “blood is thicker” bullshit, she was your daughter and she was completely like you. It didn’t matter she had no single drop of your blood.

It took your husband almost thirty minutes to convince your daughter to come inside and, when she did, she was looking more sad than angry. And you also saw in her eyes a fragile sparkle of regret and shame. Yongguk got her sat on the balcony and she avoided your staring, looking at her pretty pink shoes. She was still crying, but being as stubborn as you, she was trying to wipe the tears away discretely with her cute chubby hands.

“We can talk now.” Yongguk said, firmly, but also very sweetly. He kissed the top of her head and gently pushed her head up so she could meet his eyes. “ Sweetheart, do you know how much we love you, right?” she didn’t answer and you bit your lips nervously. When her father didn’t let go of her, she nod slowly. “So…can you tell me what happened now?”

“They…” she sniffed, rubbing her left eye “They were mocking me.”


“My friends. On school!” biting her lips – just like you – she continued. “They laughed because I draw a picture of you and me and mommy. And then…and then…and then Chandung said that was not my family and then Youngsae laugh and she said that I don’t have a family and then they laugh and then I said I have a mom and I dad and then Chandung said that his sister said that she know you, dad, and that you got me from someone else because they wanted to throw me away.”

She was crying again and that time, instead of avoid Yongguk, she hugged him like he was the only thing that could protect her.

“They were really, really mean.” You said, approaching her. You kissed the top of her head and she turned to you. Hope splashed on her naïve eyes.

“It’s a lie. Right, mommy? I’m your daughter, right? I was in your belly, right?”

“Yes, you are my daughter.” You said, softly, but before she could understand it wrongly, you continued. “But honey….you were never on my belly.” She looked ate you, very confused.


“You know…sometimes there are mommies who cannot get a baby inside their bellies.” She frowned and you saw Yongguk smiling a little. He has always find funny the way she frowns. “They just can’t. Even when they want it very very much. So much. Like more than anything.”

“Like more than want to eat chocolate on lunch?”

“Much more than that.” She opened her mouth on a perfect “O” and you giggle. “But they can’t. So they have to go searching for their babies, because they got put in other people’s belly.”

“You can’t put I baby in your belly, mom?”

“No, honey. I can’t put a baby in my belly.” You said, slowly petting her hair. “That’s why your father and I had to go around searching and searching and searching until we finally found you.”

“She got upset?”


“The other mommy.”

Yongguk smiled. “No, princess. She knew you were our daughter and she couldn’t keep you to herself.”

“She is nice.”

“She was very nice.” He agreed.

After all the drama, your husband took her to take a shower and to watch tv. Despite everything that had happen that afternoon, by dinner time, all was good again. Everyone was calm and happy.

When you got to your daughter’s room to put her to bed and kiss her goodnight, she was too focus on her drawings to notice you.

“Sweety…time to bed.” She nod, but continued to furiously write something on the paper, not giving you any attention. “What are you doing there?”

“A card.”

“Really? Who is this card for?” She lifted her eyes to meet you and bit her bottom lip. “Huh?”

“The other mommy…” she said, not sure she should tell you that.


“I want to make a card to say that I love her too.”

“Oh…” you got speechless. Listening your daughter say that she loved her biological mother wasn’t something you planned to do. “You…love her?”

“Yes!” she answer, confidently. She finished her card and showed to you, proudly. “Do you think she will like it?”

On the card, the childish writing said:  Thank you for give me to my mommy and daddy.

You smiled and grabbed you kid on a tight hug, lifting her up and spinning her. “Argh! I love you so much!” you heard her laugh and kissed her neck, making noises. “You are a very precious, wonderful and heavenly made kid. Give me a kiss.” You finally said, putting her down again. “Off to bed!” she got under the blanket by herself and waited your goodnight kiss. You made sure to kiss every centimeter of her face and she laughed all the way.

Back to your own bedroom, you found Yongguk laying on bed. You lied next to him and intertwined your fingers. With the other hand, you showed him the card.

He laughed.

“We really got the most amazing kid, huh?”