• cute bobby; requested by @jageunbyeol-ka

↳ for iphone6 plus  (1980 x 1920)

• also available as phone cases, STICKERS, pillows, notebooks, journals, travel mugs plus more! please check out my items HERE

• if they do not fit, please feel free to message me again and i’ll fix them. :)
• if you want these for  any other phone, just ask me and i’ll gladly resize them for you. :)

Bobby: “Dovresti chiederle di uscire!"
Craig: “Uscire? Beh, insomma.. Ma, mi renderebbe nervoso chiederle di uscire.”
B: “Cosa ti rende nervoso?”
C: “Un rifiuto.”
B: “Bimbo non puoi vivere nella paura. Potresti finire come Muqtada.. O peggio, come me.”