bobby; in love

He watched you making breakfast, wearing only his t-shirt. It was long enough to reach your knees, making it look like a dress; hair sticking out in different directions; you looking cuter than ever.
He noticed your eyes sparkling when you talked about your plans for the day; getting excited to spend his free time with the one he loved the most;

memories from last night flashed before his eyes; your naked body pressed against his, whimpers escaping from your lips; him leaving kisses all over you, biting here and there; whispering sweet words in your ear as he thrusts slowly, his breath tickling you, smile spreading across your beautiful face;
you falling asleep in his arms, pulling you closer to him, craving for your touch; drawing circles with his thumb over your cheek, staring lovingly in your eyes, not daring to look away.
You closing your eyes, peacefully falling asleep, listening to his heartbeat.

He moved closer to you, his arms around your small frame, making him smile; happy to call you ‘his’.. making you feel safe and loved in his embrace.