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           "The fact that you’re here means that I know where my journey will end.                                  You sparkle like the light that shines under my feet.  May I call the fact                                          that you’re here as “love”? With this body, with this heart, I want to                                                            protect you I’ll be by your side till the end

Top 10 people Ulquiorra thinks are trash

As requested by anon. :)

#10. Chad

“I do not believe I ever met that human. But I know that he is human. I know that he is ‘friends’ with Kurosaki Ichigo and the woman. I heard that he has a heart tattoo on his shoulder. He sounds like a human who believes in his friends and in himself and who think that his heart is on his shoulder. Trash.”

Chad: (gives Ulquiorra a solemn thumbs up)

Ulquiorra: Also there is that.

#9: Loly & Menoly

“I count them as one. They broke into my room in order to torment the woman, even thought Aizen-sama entrusted her and her torment to me. Those are the actions of trash. They also got beaten up by Yammy and by Grimmjow - trash actions - and were healed by the woman. It was clear to me by the end that she only healed trash.”

Ichigo: Uh…I also got beaten up by both Yammy and Grimmjow and Inoue heals me all the time!

Ulquiorra: You are on this list, Kurosaki Ichigo.

Ichigo: …yeah, okay, I should have figured.

#8: Yammy

“He follows me around everywhere. He is either incapable of thinking for himself or he simply chooses not to do so. He is always asking me things. He is like a puppy, if puppies were giant and full of inane questions. He is trash.”

Yammy: It’s called being friends, Ulquiorra!

Ulquiorra: Don’t you use that trash word in my presence.

#7: Kurosaki Ichigo

“If I had feelings, they would tell me to put Kurosaki Ichigo much higher on this list. Surely he is trash beyond all trash. He allowed himself to be so sorely affected by his inner hollow that he was beaten up by Yammy. And myself. And Grimmjow. He refused to stop believing in the woman even though she joined Aizen-sama. He is so full of friendship feelings that he is practically a friendship balloon. But on the other hand, he beat me. So I cannot put him above those who did not.”

Ichigo: Wow! It’s so rare for me not to be #1 at something! Thanks, Ulquiorra!

Ulquiorra: Stop being you.

#6: Ishida

“The Quincy is worst trash than Kurosaki Ichigo because he did not beat me. Or come close to it. He fired arrows at me and then lost his hand. He was desperately outmatched and yet he came anyway. Trash actions. I hear he is always doing that, too.”

Ishida: Ha! I am higher on this list than you, Kurosaki!

Ichigo: T-this isn’t a contest we’re supposed to want to win!

#5: Grimmjow 

“What can I even say about Grimmjow? He cares about nothing except his own battles, which he then consistently loses. He stole the woman from me. He tried to steal Kurosaki Ichigo’s death from me. He locked me in a caja negacion. He used a gran ray cero within Las Noches.  As a human might say, he has ‘no chill.’ None at all.”

Grimmjow: I think you’re just jealous that I do all the shit you WISH you could do!

Ulquiorra: That is not even slightly true.

#4: Aizen

“I was loyal to Aizen-sama. Very loyal. He then sent me to my death. That would be fine if it had accomplished something. But apparently he was merely trying to power up Kurosaki Ichigo, which does not make sense as a plan. And then he lost. And now he is in jail. Clearly I should have known better - shinigami leaders are trash leaders.”

Aizen: I am disappointed in you, Ulquiorra.

Aizen: Surely you must realize that being in jail was part of my plan.

Ulquiorra: I have my doubts.

#3: Yhwach

“Recently Yhwach tried to make Kurosaki Ichigo experience true despair. That is my thing. I am the one who shows true despair to Kurosaki Ichigo. Yhwach is as much a thief as Grimmjow. Only worse, because he is attempting to steal the whole climax of my fight. Trash.”

Yhwach: …I’ve done a couple of other things, too.

Ulquiorra: Whatever.

#2: Nnoitra

“Nnoitra is the despair espada. The one that everyone always thinks that I am. I do not hold that against him. But I do hold this against him - Nnoitra is totally obsessed with a woman. Nelliel. All he can think about is beating Nelliel. He rants about it constantly. It consumes him. Who allows himself to be so caught up by a woman? It is the actions of trash.”

Nnoitra: Uh, dude?

Ulquiorra: Also your spoon hood is bad uniform design.

#1: Orihime

“But surely the woman is the trash beyond all trash. I showed her the way of the world. I showed her that friendship is meaningless and that psychological torture is effective and that only emptiness and loneliness and pain are real. And she refused to accept any of that. She continued to believe in her friends. She continued to try to change me. And in the end she gave me a revelation about the heart and looked almost sad that I was dying. She is the supreme trash.”

Orihime: Ulquiorra…

Ulquiorra: Trash.

Just read an article on crunchy roll and yes folks, Bleach is indeed ending in chapter 685. Volume 74 finale of Bleach would be out in August 4th. I honestly don’t know what to say, it’s too early, just read some spoilers of chapter 684, maybe the chapter ends at 685 but we have some kind of omake with a timeskip or somethng in another issue. As for the ships, everybody knows i ship IchiHime,HitsuHina and RenRuki but i honestly don’t know what to expect anymore i’m getting so anxious i swear …..anyway….. it IT CAN’T END ALREADY !!!!!!! I’M  NOT READY  …. I DON’T WANNA LET IT GO JUST YET

I don’t get it. Bleach is ending and nobody knows what the fuck is going on. X amount of chapters left, Will this be answered, how is he going to pull this off, will we get a resolution, a sequel, Bleach is ending in two chapters, less then 10 weeks left, yada yada yada. Naruto’s ending didn’t have this much bullshit. It was more of a celebration then a mess. We knew somewhat was going on with amount of chapters and stuff as well as a movie. I feel like Bleach is being given the paper prize out of a cereal box compared to the other manga endings out there. It’s a mess, nothing but a mess.