If you’re Bi and attracted to NB genders

You and the people you choose to love and valid and wonderful. 

If you’re Bi and attracted to NB people and are NB yourself, you’re valid and wonderful.

If you’re Bi and attracted to NB and are binary, you’re valid and wonderful.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and a good life.

anonymous asked:

This might sound weird, but do you (or have you ever heard of any bi people) have a hard time saying the word "bi/bisexual"? I've been out for about a year, and I'm confident in my sexuality, but I still find saying "bi" out loud to be hard.

It’s not weird at all! I had, and sometimes still have, trouble talking about my bisexuality. It sometimes feels like ‘bisexual’ is a dirty word, because the examples we see of bisexuality in pop culture are people who cheat, who can’t be satisfied, who are hypersexualized. Or, my personal favorite, who “just don’t want to be labeled.” And from the home front, the LGBT+ community, we sometimes hear that ‘bisexual’ is somehow cissexist, or trans-exclusionary, or unnecessary because of other words. I’ve dealt with this for the entire time that I’ve been out, and it can be more than a little confidence-draining. It can make you shy away from saying the words that you know are best for yourself. But it is perfectly fine to be bisexual, to be a proud bi person. Bisexual isn’t a bad word or a bad thing, no matter what backlash you may see about us.

So, maybe start by telling yourself that you are bisexual–just say those words to yourself, “I am bisexual.” Make them comfortable words in your mouth, and then they may be more comfortable to say to others.

I hope this helps!