“Other people always took the risks to keep me free.”

Series: Dragon Age
Character: Bethany Hawke
Cosplayer: Spiralight Cosplay

This amazing shot was taken by my friends at Byte Size Photography, I urge you to take the time to check out their Facebook page. They’ve got a lot of talent and they’re wonderful people! 


Relaxing at the Rose Garden with my wonderful, adorable girlfriend @bethanyblasphemous ( the gorgeous lady in purple and blue //blushes// ) and her lovely girlfriend Autumn (the fabulous lady in the amazing coat and perf glasses)! ♥ ♥ ♥

A quick thing of Bethany & a Persian I drew intermix unpacking!

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Aveline - She’s staring at the gift, more than ready to point out how useless it is and now she has no use for it but when she looks up and sees the look in Hawkes eyes she can’t help but give a little sigh and smile, saying she loves it. Despite having no use for the gift she keeps it close at home, somewhere in her shared room with Donnic so she can see it every morning she wakes up.

Bethany - She doesn’t know what to say, at first. Her brother/sister always did have peculiar tastes. She can’t help but give them a hug and a soft kiss on the cheek, saying thank you. She can finally restart the pile of useless junk Hawke gave her, having left everything else in their previous home. She’s almost happy that the pile is being restarted.

Carver - He immediately rejects it, demanding something considered an actual present or nothing at all. If Hawke is particularly broken up about it, he’ll belly ache and complain but he’ll end up accepting the gift anyway. Anything to get them to stop giving him the kicked puppy look.

Sebastian Vael - He’d be shocked, glancing down at it with parted lips. As a noble, he felt somewhat undignified for accepting this. As a man of the chantry, wordly possessions were supposed to be at a minimum, and as someone in Hawke’s debt he would feel wrong about taking it. But most importantly, he is Hawke’s friend. He’d smile a wide smile, thanking them for it.

Sebastian Vael (Romanced) - He would smile gently, placing the gift to the side for a moment before gently picking up Hawkes hands. He would press a soft kiss on their knuckles, eyes glimmering as he said a soft ‘Thank you’.

Anders - He raises an eye brow at Hawke, a somewhat amused smile on their lips. He hadn’t even mentioned his birthday, so he certainly didn’t expect anything. But he doesn’t reject it, merely looks on it fondly and thanks Hawke with a small hug, joking about how he’ll end up loosing it in his messy living space.

Anders (Romanced) - He’s still surprised they remembered his birthday, let alone got him something. He doesn’t even note on it’s shittiness, just shows his appreciation with soft kisses and touches, small ‘thank you’s’ on his lips’.

Fenris - He doesn’t even have a birthday, the date long forgotten and unknown to him. He’d look upon the gift with some skepticism, but with a soft ‘thank you’ he’d accept it no matter the state of it, much to Hawke’s surprise. He would most likely keep it close in the mansion, somewhere with whatever else Hawke got him. One of the few earthly possessions he could truly claim as his own.

Fenris (Romance) - Much like with the unromanced reaction, he does not have a birthday, so he is shocked when he is given something at all. ‘I already have everything I could want.’ He’d protest halfheartedly, but would take it with a small smile on his face, jade eyes glimmering as he stared at Hawke.

Merril - She wouldn’t even see it as shitty. Her wide eyes would glow as she took it, saying thank you over and over again. She wouldn’t be able to contain herself, giving Hawke the biggest hug she could with her small arms. She’d set it down somewhere in her home, proud of it.

Merril (Romanced) - Her face and ears would go red, and she’d smile wide, accepting it with a happy smile on her lips. Her thanks would be shown through kisses and cuddles.

Isabela - ‘Things? Ohhh, I like things.’ She’d initially say, but would blink at the actual gift. She’d take it as a joke, vowing to keep it with her at all times. And if her and Hawke’s relationship is particularly close, she does.

Isabela (Romanced) - She smiles, a bit lascivious as she stares at them, setting the gift to the side. If they wanted to give her a birthday gift, what was under their clothes would do just fine.

Varric - He’d chuckle, heartily and deep, laughing for a few minutes over it. He’d keep it in his room in the hanged man, always making a new story of how Hawke got it for him. Fighting a dragon and ripping it out of it’s stomach, a favor for his hand in marriage, or a sacred artifact that only Varric himself could be trusted with.