Kate Beckett…

Beckett: What kind of a name is “Nikki Heat”?
Castle: A cop name.
Beckett: It’s a stripper name.
Castle: Well, I told you she was kind of slutty
Beckett: Change it, Castle.
Castle: Wait. Hang on a second. Think of the titles. “Summer Heat”, “Heat Wave”, “In Heat”.
Beckett: Change the name! [advancing on him] Change the name!
Castle: [backing away] No.
Beckett: Yes.
Castle: No
Beckett: Change it!
Castle: [grabbing the cardboard cutout to shield himself] No.
Beckett: Castle?!
Castle: I’m sorry. I have artistic integrity, Beckett.
Beckett: “Artistic integrity?” Change the name, Castle! Today! 

No but seriously. Y'all.

This is what true love is like. It’s messy. Humans screw up. But real love, the kind shared between soulmates, it truly can conquer all things. Beckett is flawed. So is Castle. They’re humans. It comes with the territory. But their love? That’s legit. It’s real. It’s deep and true and for always.

That’s why I love this show. They don’t just do a bunch of sex scenes just for the heck of it. They don’t just show them being happy all the time. Relationships aren’t easy. They take work. But being willing to put in the work, that’s what makes it worth it.

Y'ALL. The writers and cast and crew love this show even more than we do. That might be hard to believe, but they do. They prove that by giving us something true to life. Sure the show has plot holes sometimes. Sure it gets police procedure wrong now and then. Yes, sometimes the actors hold their phone upside down. But the story - the love story and the family story and the getting justice story and the growing as a person story - all these stories and more, that’s what they give us that proves they love the show. They love the story, all aspects of it, more than you could ever know. By making it real, making it relatable, making it full of people who screw up like the rest of us do, the people who create this show are writing us, the fans, a love letter that just keeps getting better and better.

I love Castle because it’s, in my opinion, the realest show on television. It’s more than a show to me. I’m flawed. I screw up. And it’s mostly because of the crap in my past, the way my frelling horrible childhood shaped me into who I am - the good and bad sides of me are all based on my life experiences. Every single day of my life I do things that are good and bad that are products of my past. And Castle is full of characters that are the same as me. They’re real. They’re messed up. But they’re loved. And they keep growing and getting better. Just like I’m trying to do.

Maybe it’s just me, but I believe Castle is perfect because of all the imperfections the characters have. I can relate to them all in some way. And that’s why I love this show.



Beckett [in tears]: Castle, I’m married to someone else and I have no idea where he is, we don’t have any leads, and to make things worse, the venue, and now this. I mean it just feels like all of this is one big sign.

Castle: Well, maybe it is a sign. A sign that ours is a great love story. What’s a great love story without obstacles to overcome? Every fairy tale has them, terrible trials that only the worthy can transcend. But, you can’t give up. That’s the deal. We want the happy ending, we can’t give up

.Beckett [smiling]: And that’s why I want to marry you.