Fitz had his misgivings about Ward, but he did have to admire the man’s taste in suits. He had one in his own closet, but it was just a suit, something he wore when he had to and never felt comfortable in it. He wore a tie by necessity, the only way he got away with his untucked button-downs, cardigans and trainers back at SciOps, but Ward and even Coulson have made him reconsider. Maybe the problem wasn’t him, but the suit. It’s always made him feel a little too much like a kid playing at dressing up.

Ward had given him the name of his tailor weeks ago, but it had taken until now to get back to New York long enough to pay the man a visit. The little man had fussed around him, taking measurements and scowling at the ill-fitting suit Fitz had brought with him. “That’s a terrible look for you,” he’d said immediately, “All wrong for your build. It would cost you nearly as much to have that altered to fit you properly as it would to buy a whole new suit.”

He’d scowled, offended, but the tailor only rifled through racks and pulled out pieces he thought would be more appropriate for Fitz before shoving him and the sample suits into a dressing room to try on. From the first, even the engineer could tell these were far different from what he’d been accustomed to, but it wasn’t until the fourth pairing that he looked in the mirror and did a double take. He must have made a noise because the tailor called him to come out and let him see.

The tailor had eyed him closely, tapping a finger against his jaw before his expression cleared and he bustled to another area of the shop to pull another piece from the rack. “Put that on,” he ordered. Fitz had been inordinately pleased with the result and the tailor seemed to be, too. After another round of measurements, poking and prodding, Fitz was ordered to return to pick up his suit in three days… which was now today.

He _would_ be leaving now, if Ward would bring the bloody SUV back so he could get into Manhattan without navigating the city subway. Fitz tapped his fingers against the metal surface of the lab bench, irritated at the delay and impatient to get going.