I can’t spoon feed you any more than I already have, it’s like, I’ve told you 2+2=4, what’s 2+2? ‘Uhhhhhh kumquat?’ NO, 2+2=4! What is 2+2? ‘Uhhhhhh eleventy?’ NO IT’S 4
—  My band director after screaming at the trumpets for not coming in when sight-reading a new piece for our spring concert

I play bassoon in our intermediate band and double bass in the senior band. The last time our school bands did a concert, there were I kid you not at least 4 White Moms™ that came up to me and yelled at me for playing “instruments not fitting for a young woman” and “setting a bad example” for their daughters. One of them didn’t even know what a bassoon was (she called it a clarinet the entire time) nor what a double bass was (she called it a “big violin”), apparently it was just bc the instruments were relatively larger…like ok chill I like bass instruments what’s wrong with that I’ll hit you over the head with my double bass