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GOT7 angst where you ignore Jackson on accident during an important stage of his life (like winning an award) and he feels terrible and hangs out with other girls for a few days because he doesnt know how to talk about his feelings. Happy ending?

Your phone rang for the second time in an hour. Not bothering to look at the caller ID, you simply switched it over to silent, intent on finishing the paper that was due tomorrow. You had been busy juggling your studies, part time job, and your busy idol-boyfriend Jackson’s schedule. You guys had been going out just over a year and his idol group had made it big. This was great but made the times that you could see each other difficult between all the filming and practices.

Finals started in a couple weeks which meant that you were starting to stress and had to buckle down to finish everything on time. There was no way that you were going to fail your classes, but in your mind, anything under a B was unacceptable. You let out a sigh and went back to the paper, working nonstop until you were convinced that it was as close to perfect as humanly possible.

You quickly glanced at your phone. Oh man, it’s already 11! You had once again stayed out far too long while working on your homework. The time wasn’t the only thing that shocked you. There were also ten missed calls from Jackson. He’s probably worried about me. Dialing his number, you packed up your things, getting ready to walk back to your dorm.

“What?” He sounded busy and indifferent.

“Jackson, I’m sorry, I was writing a paper. Is everything okay?” Since he tended to always have to record late at night, you figured that something was going wrong at the recording.

“Nothing is wrong. Are you home?” His voice was still rough. Maybe he’s just tired.

“I’m on my way now. I was just at the library so I am pretty close. Can we meet tomorrow?” There was no response for what felt like eternity.

“I’ll check my schedule. Goodnight.” And then he was gone. Normally Jackson wasn’t the chattiest person, especially not on the phone, but today was strange. Mentally you chalked it up to just being late and tired and figured that tomorrow would be better. Once you got home you changed into your pajamas and immediately got ready for bed. Right before turning off your lights, you sent Jackson a text telling him sweet dreams and reminding him how much you love him.  

The next morning you were up early, unable to sleep in because of your classes. You checked your phone and realized that you didn’t have a response from Jackson, something that was uncommon. As busy as he was, he somehow always found time to send you little messages, especially at night. There was however a text from one of the got7 members, BamBam. He was one of your favorite dongsangs because he was so easy to get along with.

Opening the message, your jaw dropped. “Noona, she is just filming the video with us. Please don’t be too shocked!” He had also sent a link to a news article. So he was with some attractive model last night. That’s just great.

You knew that you would no longer be having a great day. The photo was of them at a restaurant and it appears that they were alone. Normally you were understanding of Jackson’s relationships in the business world since there are some times that he has to act or model with girls. One thing you had both agreed on was to never go out one on one with someone. That made it seem too much like a date. Seeing the photo had made your stomach flip flop all morning.

After finish up your classes for the day, you still couldn’t shake the jealousy of seeing Jackson out with another girl. You decided to visit him at dorm in hopes to talk things over. It was obvious that neither of you were spectacular at expressing your feelings, but both of you had tried for the most part.

“Hey Bam, where’s Jackson?” You asked as you stepped into the dorm shared by the seven guys. They tended to be a little messy, but it could be much worse. “Noona, I don’t know how to say this…he went out with some of the stylists. Umm, he said he would call you.” BamBam could see your face blush red and you felt tears stinging at your eyes. Knowing that all the stylists were girls, things weren’t looking promising. “He didn’t tell me,” was all you could manage to squeak out.

BamBam immediately pulled you into a hug. “Don’t worry! I’m sure you could wait here for him. He has some exciting news.” He was trying to make you feel better, but it was no use. “No thanks Bam. I’m just going to go home. Please don’t tell Jackson that I came over.” You ran out of the dorm and the tears managed not to fall until you made it into your apartment.

You had passed the sad stage and now you were pissed. You picked up your cell and dialed his number which went straight to voicemail. “Yah, Jackson-shi. If you want to see other girls that’s fine but you should just break up with me first. You know what, whatever. I don’t care anymore. Don’t contact me.” You practically growled into the phone, which you threw across the room after you hung up.

There was no way to calm down except by having a glass of wine in a nice warm tub. You stayed there until all the bubbles had disappeared and your fingers were completely wrinkled. Getting out you covered yourself in a pair of short shorts and a muscle shirt of Jackson’s. As much as you were mad at him, you still missed his comforting smell.

Walking out into the living room and you almost fell over. There he was, sitting on the couch. He was wearing baggy pants and a Bulls jersey. His signature snapback was on the couch next to him revealing his short hair. “What the hell are you doing here?” Your hand was over your heart, trying to calm the beating.

“I wanted to tell you that I got on that reality show. The roommate one I was telling you about.” You knew what this meant to him. For a long time he had wanted to work more, and this was one of the best opportunities to get his name and the band’s name out there. “Congratulations.” Your heartbeat had slowed and you began to feel relieved that he had such good news. “When did you find out about it?” He finally looked into your eyes.

“That day I called you last. I wanted to celebrate with you and you just blew me off. I didn’t know what to say until BamBam told me you had left today in tears.” He got up, walking over to you but stopping a few inches away. “I wasn’t crying,” you tried to say as your cheeks flushed. “Liar” was all he said in response before wrapping his arms around you.

“Babe, I was so mad that you ignored me. But I couldn’t help but want to tell you.” He was speaking into your hair as you nuzzled closer into his chest, taking in his wonderful smell. “Why the girls though? I mean, I feel like you were cheating on me. I don’t think you would but it sure does look like it.”

His lips crushed against yours. There was more passion in that kiss than you had ever shared. “I would never cheat on you! I just was mad. Please Y/N, please forgive me,” he sounded desparate with his forehead resting against yours.

You leaned up and gave his a kiss. “The only way I can forgive you is if you stay the night. Alright, Oppa?” Looking into his eyes you could see a bit of mischief cross through them. “Deal” was all he said as he lifted you up bridal style and carried you off into the bedroom.

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