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Anonymous said to reactions-exo: Got7 reaction to finding their crush crying and beaten up, but she usually seemed like a very emotionally strong person (she’s a trainee and other trainers beat her up for not being Korean or something)

Sorry i didn’t put the full title i didn’t want to make it too long. Also guys for my got7/BTS reactions i’m going to do writing reactions instead of gif reactions unless you specifically say you want a gif reaction. I won’t do this with exo because that will take to long to write. I hope you all like this idea

- Jasmine


BamBam: Bambam was ready for practice heading towards the practice but then he started to hear sobbing as he got closer. He rushed into the room looking for who was sobbing. There in the corner was a crying her heart out while facing the wall. He walked over to her and gently tapped her on the shoulder. The girl jumped in surprise and then turned around. She looked like a mess from all her crying. Bruises were all over her arms,legs and even a few cuts on her face. “y/n? What happened?!”

“Nothing just let me be!”

“Not until you tell me what happened” You controlled your sobbing so you could actually speak clearly enough for him to hear. 

“They beat me because i’m foreign” 


“The trainees they left already”

“Come here” he pulled you into his arms. You sobbed into his gray wool jacket that felt soft to the touch. He held you there for a while and he spoke when he finally let go. He looked at you with tears forming in his eyes “We’re going to fix this don’t worry.” 


Jackson: “y/n open the door i know you’re in there!” Jackson knocked on the door waiting for you to answer it but there was no answer. “Don’t play games with me y/n.” still there was no answer. He finally dug into the plant at your door step and found your spare key. He unlocked that door and walked into your apartment. The place was a mess, but you weren’t usually like this. The fridge was open and empty with all kinds of half eaten food on the table. Jackson walked over to the counter and found a piece of paper. Next time stay in your home country it said. “y/n!!!! Where are you?!?!” he stood there frozen as he heard sobbing coming from your room. Quickly Jackson ran up the stairs checking every room until he reached your bedroom. He slowly opened the door finding you lying on the ground covering your face with all kinds of nasty marks on your body. He tried to pick you up but you fought him off. “y/n, y/n its me jackson!” you stopped and uncovered your face to look at him. A black eye and a bloody mouth made him gasp. How could anyone do this to her he thought. “Who did this?” you didn’t answer him only went back to hiding your face. After you calmed down he helped you clean up and you finally told him what happened. 


JB: “Y/n hasn’t text me she usually does after practice.” 

Youngjae:“You know those trainee coaches they always make them stay late” 

JB: “true…” 

Trainees: *running past* “hurry up before someone catches us”

Youngjae: *running in opposite direction* “JB HURRY ITS Y/N!!!” JB ran over to you and youngjae. Youngjae was holding up your head but then JB held you in his arms. You were all bloody and bruised with your clothes ripped. 

JB: “Y/n? Y/n talk to me!!!” You were unconscious from the beating you just had from the other trainees. 

Youngjae: “we should really get her to the hospital” JB and youngjae ran to the hospital with you in JB’s arms. They both stood overnight to make sure you were ok.

 Doctor: “she will be alright just a light concussion and some bruises nothing broken….she did get quite a beating though do you know what happened?”  

JB: “we have an idea but not really sure” 

Doctor: “well this is quite a serious beating you should consider the police.” JB just nodded and the doctor walked away. 

Younjae: “Police? That’s gonna take them out of training even the company!”  

JB: “They deserve it.” 

Youngjae: “You don’t mean that”

JB: “They put her in a hospital bed youngjae!!!” 

Youngjae: “Maybe they did it because she’s foreign.”

JB: “maybe….” 


Jr.: He was waiting for you to come back to the swings after you went to the bathroom. You were taking a really long time in the bathroom Maybe there’s a long line he thought. He tried to call your phone but you weren’t answering so he just walked over there to make you were ok. That’s weird its empty Jr. yelled inside the bathroom not going in “y/n are you ok?” he waited there for you to answer then a high yell come from inside “JR.!!!!” Jr. rushed inside looking for you but you weren’t there but there was one closed stall at the end. “JR.!!!!!” He opened the door and there you were on the floor in pain. He rushed over to you and tried to lift you up but you were in some much pain it hurt just to lift you off the floor. “Who did this?” You were too weak to answer his question so he just tried to take you home and clean you up. “So do you remember what happened?” You looked at him and nodded. “i was in the bathroom and then when i walked out they were already standing there waiting for me.” “who?” “the trainees they said that foreigns were going to ruin the group and that i should leave but when i defended my self…well you know what happened next” 


Mark: “wait let me go get my bag before we leave.” you walked back into the practice room with the other trainees inside while mark waited outside. You were taking quite a long time getting your bag but mark didn’t wanna show anything suspicious of how he really felt. He just waited until he couldn’t take it no more. Mark went in the room calmly and saw the trainees kicking at someone. “hey! What are you doing!?” he ran over to them and made them stop and then realized you were the one getting beat up. “Don’t tell our manager or bad things will happen” mark gave them a angry look and looked straight into her eyes “try me” she looked at he other girls and they just stepped back. “go ahead tell him she’s always his special little snowflake always talking in English and how she misses home.” she took a moment “shes the favorite and always cries on how she wants to go back to america, Well boo hoo!!!” Mark looked back at you and saw you were just sitting there listening. “its hard being across the world from your family, you try it. Now get out!!!” the girls walked off looking pissed asf. Mark walked over to you. “you didn’t have to do that now i’m gonna get beat even more for what you’ve done!” he looked surprised how could you snap at him like that “i was just trying to help” you got up “well you’ve helped enough!” once you got your bag you walked out the door “great now she hates me” 


Youngjae: He watched you practice with the other girls your debut song but all eyes were on you and noone else was looking at the others. There you were front and center getting all the high notes and whistle notes. He was so proud of you from where you started but now you were the star. The girls still didn’t like you since you came from Australia and were unique with your accent. “alright good job girls you’re free to go. Make sure to get lots of rest” All the people on the team walked out of the room and it was only you, youngjae, and the rest of the group. One of the girls spoke up “youngjae would you mind checking if theres a buffet for us?” “sure” he walked out of the room and checked downstairs. no buffet he thought. The girls were already coming down from the practice room and he saw red on one of the girls knukles. You weren’t with them though which made him curious. “where’s y/n?” one of the girls giggled “lets just say she needs alot of rest and probably wants to go back home. You should leave her alone shes really heated right now.” the girls walked off and he looked at all the stairs. “i wouldn’t be a good friend if i didn’t check on her” he ran up the stairs and went into the practice room ready for world war 3. Instead he found you there laying on the ground crying. “y/n!!!” 


Yugyeom: “no,no like this” he shows the girls the move and he winked at you to let you know you were doing well. One girl just rolled her eyes at you. “y/n you’re good at this where did you learn all of this from?” “well back in spain i had alot of salsa experience and stuff so ya i guess i learned it there” he smiled at you and then gave you guys another dance move “ok now lets put it all together one by one and i’ll judge you” all of you dance well but when you dance you messed up but just blew it up and kept dancing. “alright the best one was y/n” one of the girls snapped “what?! She messed up how could you say she did the best?!?!” “well she just had more feel” “more feel my ass, why don’t you just go back home and do your salsa there!” “woah calm down.” you looked nervous and walked back the girl ran up to you and punched you over and over again. Yugyeom was in so much shock he couldn’t move but once he snapped back into reality the job was already done. He ran over to help you but you just pushed him off. “you could’ve helped me but you didn’t” “y/n i’m sorry i-” “just leave me alone” you got up and walked away limping. 

Got7 Reaction: You’re Dating Bam Bam //requested//


You should totally be with me instead…but that’s none of my business *gif*

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I’d be such a better boyfriend than him

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That’s cool. I don’t even care…not one bit

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Are you crazy? Why wouldn’t you choose me?

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Him: These bubbles are a symbol of my love

Y/N: I’m dating Bam Bam

Him: *gif*

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Him: Let me have your girlfriend

Bam: *tf bro*

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Come here love!

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Jackbam’s laugh is like music to my ears, man😭🌸😭🌸