Kai’s Personal Talent:

Shindong: Now it’s Kai’s turn!
Members: yeah!!!! (laughing and clapping hands) He’s already shaking.
Shindong: He is afraid.  So which genre are you going for? Cuteness?  Impersonation?
Kai: uhhh.. I really… I am really nervous.  (laughs nervously)
Shindong: then do something like… sing MAMA without any rhythm. (LOL WTF?)
Kai: (recites Bacon’s MAMA line in low tone)
Shindong: What is Kai usually good at?  
All Memebers: dancing
Shindong: well in radio, dancing, you can’t really…
Bacon: he’s really good at games.
Kai: I am not really good at computer games, but good at betting games.
Shindong:  Ok then let’s to rock paper scissor (MukJJiPPa) game. If you win, I will acknowledge this as your talent, but if you lose, you have to come up with another one.
Bacon: (To Kai) you have to bet your life on this. LOL

(Kai LOSES LOL LOL!!! So he had to come up with another personal talent.. Poor Kai… :D)

Kai: although I’ve never done this before, or even practiced. ..
Shindong: but you feel like you could do it?
Kai: sometimes Kyungsoo hyung ah D.O. hyung  and I watch Pororo (children’s cartoon).
Shindong: Doing Pororo? Are you trying to steal Sehun’s cuteness?
Kai: Krong. I will do Krong’s impersonation.
Shindong: the dragon character?
Kai: yes. Just the part when he shouts his name LOL. (OMG the cutest awkward laughter ever!)
Shingdong: K let’s see 3.2.1.
Kai: Kroooonng! (he growls with the clawing hand gesture! OMG SO CUTE)
(Everyone bursts out in laughter. Kai puts his head down on table and hides in embarrassment.)
Shindong: Honestly, I’ve never watched Pororo. So I don’t know if this is similar. Is this similar?
All members except D.O: We’ve never watched it either.  (OMG it’s a KAISOO THING!)
The lady holding the camera: it’s not similar at all.
Shindong: ok, you gotta do it again. 3.2.1.
Kai: Krooonng! (still doing the clawing gesture then slams his fist on his other hand in embarrassment Ai-sheee) LOLLOL
Shindong: Still not similar? (to the camera lady) ok I’m sorry but the writer says to just skip you. But You’ve worked hard Kai. Next time, please come up with your personal talent. LOL

(Kai hides his face LOL facepalm LOLLOL)

Then Chanyeol does impersonation of Simon D. Chanyeol does it really well. So Kai goes, “wow the quality difference”
Then Shindong was like “Ok let’s hear from you again” (the Krong impersonation)
Kai lets out the biggest “NOOOooo!” (in english) LOLLOL omg even the camera lady was laughing.  

OMG KAI… ur so cute!!! <3

so it’s not the boobie grab. Kai’s been doing Krong’s impersonation this whole time :D

(Edit: it’s Crong… not Krong. 

ok i heard the radio again, and Kai lets out the biggest “Crooongg” lol it really sounded like he was saying NOoooo lollol )

gif cr: jaggerwook:

  • ‎[LIST] EXO members’ favorite K-Pop girl groups
  • 1. Chanyeol:2NE1
  • 2. Baekhyun :SNSD
  • 3. Luhan :SNSD l SECRET
  • 4. Kris:F(X) l SNSD l MISS A
  • 5. Tao :GIRLSDAY l F(X)
  • 6. Sehun :SNSD l SECRET l T-ARA
  • 7. Suho :F(X) l GIRLSDAY l SNSD
  • 8. Xiumin:WONDER GIRLS l SNSD
  • 9. Lay:AFTER SCHOOL l F(X)
  • 11. D.O :F(X) l 4MINUTE l GIRLSDAY
  • 12. Kai :SNSD l 2NE1 l MISS A
  • cr:hkaer2303