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Some Chanbaek in Exordium in seoul

We got some chanbaek ya’ll~ 

(gifs are not mine)

During Unfair Chanyeol kinda walked over to Baekhyun, reached out his hand slightly as if trying to say something, he pulled away at the last second and kinda walked away from Baekhyun, but then Baekhyun looks over as the beat drops and as if they’ve been planning this their entire life they do a little dance and then they shoulder bump, not too hard, and LOOK AT CHANYEOL’S SMILE. ISH SO CUTE, then perfectly synchronized they turn towards the back as if nothing happened. MY FAV MOMENT

Baekhyun was already on top of the stairs but the Chanyeol ever so subtly goes by his side and then they walk down the stairs together (like a newly wed) side by side but alas, at the end they had split into their separate ways because no matter how close they are, you can’t stay with them forever. (LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEIR COSTUMES ARE AHHHHHH)

Then, here they are looking all beautiful, sitting side by side ;-; so beautiful 

And that’s all I could salvage from the concert (WHY MUST I LIVE IN AMERICA) I hope it satisfies your Chanbaek needs~

(but why does it seem like the moments are lessening, I know I shouldn’t complain but in the beginning it was like a haven of Chanbaek moments were being thrown at us, but recently it’s been feeling like just pinches… NO NO I WILL NOT MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT I’M JUST BEING OVERDRAMATIC I GOTTA BE POSITIVE THEY JUST DID AN ADORABLE DANCE TUTORIAL FEW DAYS AGO I WILL NOT MAKE BIG DEAL OUT OF IT NOPE)

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY CHANBAEK :DD My source of happiness~

[Totally Confirmed] Sehun petitioned for EXO to perform one of their songs fully nude for the latest EXO concert series. He only received one signature from Byun Baekhyun which included the stipulation that every member EXCEPT Baekhyun appear on stage unclothed. Suho shot down the petition with a lecture about public decency and told Baekhyun to stop licking his lips and tapping his fingers together “in a creepy manner” whenever the petition was mentioned.

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teespoone  asked:

The artificial love choreography though.... *fans self* They killed me. You were 100% right about Baek being naturally good at riding and Chan at thrusting. I'm never going to get over this concert. Thank you, Shim Jae Won. You are a god among men.



eventhough Shim Jaewon didn’t pair our Chanbaek together  -  but making that choreo itself is a blessing..!!! kyaaaa..!!!

assorted pairings


my lap is your throne: xiumin/sehun (1,086 words) sehun keeps minseok’s cock warm, keeps minseok enthralled with his silence.

❤❤ words, hands, hearts: xiumin/sehun (1,200 words) minseok tries to tell sehun what love is.

❤❤ one plus one: xiumin/sehun (2.1k words) There are a few things Minseok knows about his favorite customer at the convenience store.

defiled by a god: xiumin/sehun (1,831 words) Minseok is the god of sex and he thinks he should reward his most devoted temple worshipper.

hey, hyung: xiumin/sehun (1,051 words) Minseok may be younger, but he loves it when Sehun calls him hyung.

let me take care of you: xiumin/sehun (2k words) Finals are beyond stressful and Sehun needs Minseok to help him relax.

on the playground: xiumin/sehun (1k words) Sehun gets lost on his first day of kindergarten and a patient fourth grader spends recess helping him find his friends.

❤❤ What’s Your Name?: xiumin/sehun (1,003 words) Sehun sits patiently at the neighborhood cafe as his name is called incorrectly time and time again. Finally he has enough of the forgetful barista.


man’s grasp exceeds his nerve: baekhyun/do (3.3k words) magician!au. there are three parts to a trick.

dazzling & beautiful: baekhyun/do (2k words) baekhyun likes being taken care of. kyungsoo likes taking care of him.

❤❤ decipher reflections from reality: baekhyun/do (13,700 words) kyungsoo finds his importance in reflections. baekhyun finds his in reality.

the most beautiful: baekhyun/do (1,728 words) Sex. Nothing but sex. Pure PWP.

Under False Pretenses: baekhyun/do (10,510 words) When Baekhyun asks Kyungsoo to be his fake boyfriend for a week, he doesn’t expect him to say yes, and now he’s not sure that he can keep his real feelings separate from his pretend ones.

Take me over: do/baekhyun (5,871 words) Baekhyun doesn’t expect to find Kyungsoo’s stash of sex toys under his bed, but he definitely doesn’t expect what happens when Kyungsoo invites him to use them together.

 Two Scoops of Friction, Hold the Sprinkles: baekhyun/do (6.2k words) Baekhyun one thousand percent does not like Kyungsoo in that way. Unfortunately he forgot to tell his dick. 

various pairings

is sehun even allowed to drink: baekhyun/chanyeol (2k words) baekhyun discovers chanyeol’s daddy kink.

❤❤ Pet Date: do/chanyeol (2,052 words) catboy Kyunsoo thinks dogboy Chanyeol is annoying, but is pleased to discover a hidden talent of his canine acquaintance. 

❤❤ Pet Date - third base: do/chanyeol (6,632 words) Part 2 of Pet Date. catboy Kyungsoo is in heat and yes, his owner Minseok totally set him up on a date with dogboy Chanyeol. 

❤❤ I wanna see you (say you love me): do/chanyeol (8,010 words) Part 3 of Pet Date. Kyungsoo hasn’t seen Chanyeol in a while. 

❤❤ cataclysmic and confected: luhan/xiumin (3,900 words) the soho grand hotel is determined to ruin xiumin’s life, and luhan is the incompetent desk clerk that attempts to fix this. d.o makes desserts at inappropriate times, kris’s stress ball does not actually relieve any stress, and chanyeol is the bane of everyone’s existence. also, everything explodes. 

Match Maker: kris/xiumin (6k words) Minseok and Kris have awkward, shy crushes on each other. Jongdae and Chanyeol are too nosy for anyone’s liking. 

untitled: kai/xiumin (594 words) for the prompt: “Jongin has a crush on his math tutor Minseok.”