Hey guys~ So, I decided to do a big ‘ole follow forever, instead of just a follow friday! You should love me twice as much, considering I spent a good 2-3 hours on this OTL 

LOL JK ^^;;;

I painstakingly went through every blog that I follow, so if you’re on here, know that I love you/your blog/something lol ;u; I know I haven’t talked to most of you, but I’m working on that OTL

While all of your blogs are wonderful, I’m pretty darn sure you’re all just as lovely in person too~ (even though I haven’t had the chance to experience it first hand ^^)

I consider pretty much all of you my friends, whether we’ve talked or not. However, I hope you know that I think of about a handful of you guys as best friends, or even family. I love you all, no matter what though. YOU’RE ALL SO PRECIOUS TO MEEEEEE ;_;

SO! Everyone that follows me, if for some weird, alien reason you don’t follow some of these fabulous people, go do it now! Or I’ll poop on everything you love (⊙‿⊙✿)

Love, Ash (▰˘◡˘▰)

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babytaeil replied to your post: babytaeil replied to your post: somehow i keep…

no i think people are just kind of stuck in their own mindset of ‘OH I MUST BE RIGHT AND EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG’ so when you try to correct them you’ll come off as a threat to their lil bubble. so they get mad because they think theyre right.

i guess? idk i just

don’t like to make people unhappy and angry

like i’m just not that kind of person at all

so i’d rather stop doing what i’m doing to make people upset

i just don’t get what it is