There’s a very special event this week in the B99 universe — the wedding of Papa Boyle and Mama Linetti!  And it’s sure a weird/fun one.  I think all the Nine-Niners out there are going to get a real kick out of this one — especially fans of Gina, Jake, and Amy.  And because I know how hard it is to waittwo whole weeks between Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes, I’m here to break your fast a little early with a Baker’s Dozen Non-Spoilery Teasers! 

- Jake and Amy have their own little James Bond/Bond Girl adventure — and Amy gets a very…interesting name.
- The Boyle-Linetti Wedding is a series of mishaps, one after another.
- Rosa comes to some realizations about herself and her relationship with Marcus.
- Gina looks for someone to step up and officiate the wedding with a heartfelt speech — and her choices aren’t promising.
- We get a flashback to Holt and Kevin Cozner’s wedding, and a cute discussion between the two in present day.
- Jake is in charge of bringing the ring…
- Amy and Jake both confront a “nemesis” of sorts.
- Scully ends up entertaining pre-ceremony.
- The wedding looks like it might become pants optional at some point.
- Gina is relatively cool under pressure, putting out fires left and right, and does a lot more work than she ever has in the Nine-Nine.
- Charles holds an odd superstition about sons/fathers and weddings.
- Rosa tries to make small talk, which quickly leads to disaster.
- There’s a proposal (of sorts) in a pile of garbage.