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So I just remembered something: Malibu gets earthquakes. Tony lived there for years, so what if designing quake-proof shit is just a habit, and one day in New York everything starts shaking cause of some villain and everybody else is just freaking out but Tony's just chill. Cause he's used to them. Everyone else is spilling their coffee and he's just calmly sitting while shit falls off the shelves and everybody else tries to catch the stuff. (Tree)

“Why are you not reacting more to this??” Sam yells,as he falls on his ass and spills his breakfast all over himself.

Tony, who’s still half-asleep at this point, pants slung low on his hips and hair falling into his eyes as he grips his mug of coffee and watches the rest of his team go into Panic Mode over the little earthquake, just shrugs. “I earthquake-proofed myself years ago. It’s a thing. I did Malibu for years.”

Steve looks incredulously over at him. He’s the only one who’s still on his feet- even Natasha and Clint have gone down. “What does that even mean?”

Tony sighs, and then shrugs, taking one last sip of his coffee before placing it in the sink and beginning to shuffle away. “Guess I’ll have to do the suit thing. Great. I just wanted coffee. It’s less than 10am. What the fuck. I hate villains.”

And with that, he just turns and walks away. Like the whole tower isn’t shaking apart around him. Clint calls out to him in panic as a bowl slides off the top shelf and flies off in direct collision with his head, but Tony literally just grabs it in midair. Like it’s nothing. Just grabs it and puts it back.

“Morning Tony scares the fucking shit out of me, I’m not gonna lie,” Bucky breathed in awe, as they watched him trundle down the stairs, yawning as he dodged a falling tile.

“Morning Tony is like watching someone getting possessed for three hours by a generally vague and unpredictable demon,” Natasha agreed.

“Morning Tony is a pain in my ass,” Sam grumbled, looking desolately at his spilt cereal. 


Harry Potter:

Sirius Black:

Late Night Studies

- Y/N studies with her boyfriend, but they get visited by his friends

Glowing In The Dark

- Soulmate!Au. You have your soulmates patronus on your wrist. One day James sees a girl with a dog on her wrist


Newt Scamander:

A Flower Petal

- Soulmate!Au. You have a flower in your neck that grows with you, and blossoms the moment you speak with your soulmate



Show Me Your Heart And I’ll Show You Mine - 3/12 parts

- Soulmate!Au, what you write on your skin/tattoes/wounds etc shows up on your soulmates skin. Y/N Is going off to meet hers

Ticket To Ride - 2/2 Parts

- Y/N and Bucky just broke up, and Y/N is going away



Three Things

- Natasha has three things she can never tell you

Tony Stark:

Golden Heart

- You’re at your ex, Tony Stark’s, party


Dean Winchester:


- Dean is hurt from a past relationship, but finds comfort in you

Roses On Your Neck - 3/3 Parts

- Soulmate!Au, where your soulmate gets wounds you get flowers

Green Eyes

- Soulmate!Au. The thing your soulmate loves shows up on your skin. One day you see a familiar car


- Dean meets another agent on a hunt

Once Upon A Time:

Peter Pan:


- The lost boys don’t really like you, they think you’re making Peter soft

Inner Monsters

- You’re a werewolf, Peter and the boys doesn’t know, yet

A Better Man

- You want Peter to be good, but he finds it hard to change

The Green Island - 2/2 Parts

- Peter is Y/N’s boyfriend, but not that kind she thought he would be


Emma Swan:

Storybrooke High

- You’re a new student, and catch the eyes of a special cheerleader

The Maze Runner:


Say Yes

- Thomas wants to propose, but nothing goes right


3317 - 11/11 Parts - Newt(TMR) and Peter Pan(OUAT)

- Y/N is a princess, tired of waiting in her tower. She takes things in her own hands


“well i think its my hotel so i should get to stay in the suite with her.” Tony stated.

“but im more qualified as a protector.” Steve answered.

“oh yeah, says who?” Tony took a step towards Steve. 

Hawkeye got between the two, “ok guys, who are we fighting over?” he eyed the pictures of you on the table and laughed, “i get it now.”

The Avengers as the Mythbusters! Couldn’t get this idea out of my head! Like, Tony just wants to blow stuff up mmk? And Bruce is the voice of reason. Fuck yeah, science! I’ll probably make a short comic for it too XD


It got…weird.

Although, to be totally fair I’m pretty sure anyone with half a brain cell knew. Jan told me no one ever said anything because they were all trying to respect my privacy. Whatever privacy a billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist has anyway.

Not Ready For Goodbye

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: This is about 3,000 words of pure heartache and angst. This is for the Let Me Break Your Heart Master List, so I’m going to rip your heart out.

A/N: The prequel to Miss You. It fucked me up, I was crying writing it, so good luck, that’s all I can say.

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I love tony stark. Can I ask for one where he meets the reader at a Starbucks? He flirts with her and she purposely messes up his name on his cup calling him stank But then she agrees to go out with him


Dark shades, a baseball cap and head hung low – the Avenger in disguise cliché. It applies even now. It’s early hours of the morning and you would really much rather be sleeping or at least going out to take a light jog to clear your head. Working since 4 am as a barista in the most famous coffee house in the world, Starbucks, has not done you good: with bags under your eyes you groggily and with a fake smile greet the seemingly never ending stream of customers that demand their daily dose of caffeine and demand it quick. Despite feeling a bit dazed, you try your best to do the job well and write down each name correctly – you know how annoying it is to have some employee spell a simple name wrong. Like ‘Katy’ being spelled as ‘Cathy’, or ‘Ben’ as ‘Been’. You are guilty of this too.

The pick-up line went right over your head – you are simply not used to be hit on at early hours and especially at work – and without realizing it you put in ‘Caramel smoochy’ into the machine. Catching the mistake you freeze and lift your head up from the cash register, your eyes catching the brilliant ones that belonged to an older man with a cocky smirk on his face. He stares at you expectantly – you are unsure if he’s expecting a wink back or a harsh slap of reality, but you can’t leave him hanging. A twinge of fear strikes you as you glance at the queue behind him. The last thing you want, or need, is upset customers having a temper tantrum.

Thoughts race in your mind and what was supposed to be a counter to his flirtation – a quite cold one at that – falls flat and you mumble, “What?”

He raises a brow. Surely, he expected more, “I said you—“

“-could give you a caramel smoochy.” You can’t believe you just said that, “I heard you, Sir, but please just tell me your order.” The way he tilts his head strikes you with familiarity and you narrow your eyes, but just slightly, trying to recall just where you have seen him. With a heavy and dramatic sigh (and amused smile) he says his order. With a nod you punch it in, “And your name?”

“Tony Stark.”

As if! You refrain from rolling your eyes and continue to play along.

“Hey, what time do you finish work?”

“Please find a spare seat while I prepare your coffee!” You reply cheerily and move away from the counter as another barista takes your place.

After a good five minutes he picks up his drink and glances at the tag, barely surpassing a laugh.

My shift ends at 11am, but there’s no way I’m meeting you
until 4pm

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Avengers: Infinity War Star Says The Team Isn't Adding New Members
Next year, Avengers: Infinity War will jump into theaters to celebrate the Marvel Cinematic [...]

No new Avengers are being added to the Avengers line-up in Infinity War, it’s all the same Avengers according to Chadwick Boseman. 

…this definitely cements that Carol is going to be introduced as an Air Force major, then, and not in full possession of her powers yet.