ruthielindseySo thrilled to be in Austin with my sister @sophiabush. Tomorrow at 5:00pm central we are getting to teach a live streaming master class for @wework’s #creatorawards. We are going to interview each other on what it has looked like for us to navigate using social media for good. We will discuss topics like how social media can be used as a vehicle to connection but it can’t stay there- the real, genuine, heart to heart connection needs to be in real life- we will chat about what that journey has looked like for us in our own lives and how to facilitate real, authentic community- and the idea of living out of the abundance vs scarcity mentality (amongst many other things)
If you’re in Austin we would love to have you there and if not you can watch it live stream on wework’s Facebook page!
See you guys tomorrow!!! (And Austin, gahhhhh I love you so much!!!) pic by our big hearted brother, @boreta

Men are calling reverse sexism on an all-women screening of ‘Wonder Woman’

  • In homage to DC Comic’s foremost female superhero, an Austin, Texas, movie theater is trying to recreate something of Paradise Island’s feminist utopia with two all-women Wonder Woman screenings.
  • But not if men have it their way.
  • Without delay or sense of irony — the men of the internet are kicking up a fuss about the theater’s women-only showings on its Facebook page. Read more (5/25/17)