The waterbenders taught me to be free flowing and harmonious. They taught me that there are two sides to every story, both of which are necessary to the full story. I learned to turn my strengths into my weaknesses and to keep my traditions alive, for they are the connectors between me and my loved ones.

The earthbenders taught me that I can hold power over my surroundings. By using patience and my head instead of carelessly jumping into action, I can make it out of tough situations. They taught me to fearlessly face my problems head on.

The firebenders taught me to unleash my true self. By unleashing my inner self, I can create the most beautiful things. They taught me that by controlling and understanding myself, I can share that beauty with the people I love.

The airbenders taught me to love all creatures, big and small. I know that when change comes along, I will be able to go with it, and when times get hard, I will be able to work through the stress, always leaving time for play. They taught me to stay connected with my friends and family.