Your daily Keep the Faith- Yes, there is a marriage in Age of Apocalypse

Your daily Keep the Faith- Yes, there is a wedding in Age of Apocalypse

From my email today: Hi, I was just wondering if you really think Erik and Charles are going to get married in Apocalypse? I really want to believe that but they said it was going to be a disaster movie, and I just don’t know that we’ll ever see a wedding. I have a hard enough time with Cherik being endgame though I’m starting to believe because of your blog. -amybproud Hey! – thanks for giving…

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the women of: the apocalypse.
the women of the apocalypse are the true survivors - fighting for their planet, fighting for their people. though their fingers are covered in dirt and their bodies caked in blood, the apocalyptic women will always push through their pain for the greater good.


In april I went to PlayIT (Hungarian gamer con) as a Raider in painspike armor from  Fallout 3. I haven’t played the game too much, but as soon I started to play it I fell in love with it. :) Loved the theme, so I HAD TO make this cosplay. 

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