Amnesiac Lance (pt 2)

[part one]

oh boy this is gonna be really long and angsty, fair warning 

  • lance starts remembering things in dreams
  • the first time he has one of these dreams, it’s really just this vague image of his mother, and all he can recall from it when he wakes, sweaty and confused, is her kind, soft eyes. lance doesn’t really know how he gets there, but pidge finds him on the observation deck, shivering and half asleep against the control panel 
  • by the time morning wake-up time comes, the previous night is a blur

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anonymous asked:

So, instead of resorting to “Amnesia!”, do you have a different suggestion if a story requires a character to forget about most of their life while retaining some, if not all, of their necessary skills so that the plot keeps moving?

Write a better story.

Or at least examine the one you have and examine why you feel like this is your only choice.

Ask yourself this: why does that need to happen? What plot hole have you dug yourself into that makes you think this is the only way out? Trace that plot hole back. How did it happen? What were the choices you made to get your story to that point?

Invariably I find Amnesia! is used to cover up bad writing. It’s used to divert characters who “need” to be sidelined to make a plot advance.

But that need is artificial. That need exists because the writer typically has some event they think HAS to happen, or HAS to happen a certain way. It’s what happens when writers forget that characters drive the plot. The plot shouldn’t be driving the characters.

Amnesia! is a bad patch on a plot hole you could drive an ambulance through. It destroys a character’s agency. It’s the deus ex machina to end all dei’s exes. If you didn’t use this trope, and your story falls apart because of it, it’s not falling apart because the trope is clutch to your story. It falls apart because you’re trying to drive the plot somewhere it shouldn’t be going.

Character arcs depend on development, which is built on a foundation of their past experiences and the perspectives they’ve built because of those experiences. A character with Amnesia! can’t grow. They become themselves a tool, rather than a person with desires and wants and needs and preferences. They become putty for the writer to mold, not their own person.

I want to come back to that word, agency. People matter in stories when their choices have consequences. To be important, a character has to have a shot at significantly altering their own life and that of those around them. Otherwise they’re a puppet, a shadow of a person. Real people have consequences.

Amnesia! takes that away. It says that someone’s choices ultimately don’t matter. It says that their value to the story isn’t in who they are, because you literally choose to throw who they are away.

Amnesia! is convenient. It seems like a great fix for when you’ve written yourself into a corner. But all it does is detract from your own effort, your own characters. It devalues them. It tells your reader “hey, I can break the rules, I can take someone out of the picture because it’s convenient to the plot”.

I implore you, write a better story. Don’t demean your characters, and your readers, with this garbage trope. You’re a better writer than that.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Little moments

Standing in your room wondering “When did I take off my shirt?”

Having a little panic because you’ve misplaced your phone only to find its in a different pocket than usual

Listening to your music on shuffle and hearing a song you don’t remember adding

Misplacing tiny things to the point where you’re in tears frustrated unable to find them

“Who turned the heater/AC up so high?”

“Did I really lock the door?”

“Why am I wearing mismatched socks?”

“Who decided not to wear deodorant today?”

“Who ate all the leftovers?”

The little, annoying, inconvenient things in life


These girls are the core of their universe, the reverse harem protagonists!

Who’s your favorite, and who did I forget?


An idea by a friend of mine when she thought she saw a drawing of them at a con (but i think it turned out to be sailor scouts or something). 

Eu queria poder acordar com amnésia
E esquecer as pequenas coisas estúpidas
Como a sensação de adormecer ao seu lado
E as lembranças que eu nunca consigo esquecer
Porque eu não estou nem um pouco bem

Não, eu não estou nem um pouco bem
Me diga que isso é só um sonho
Porque eu não estou nem um pouco bem…

—  5 Seconds Of Summer
I honestly have no memory of having written this (or: Aaron Sorkin and Julian Fellowes are BOTH going to kill me)

I was Googling around among the old posts for something that needs to go into a reply to an ask when I stumbled across this. Now I’m wondering what I was smoking. Because it’s fun, if I do say so myself.

It started with this comment and reply:


So I just heard that Michelle Obama is such a hardcore Sherlockian
She actually called BBC and asked for season three
And they gave her the sloppily put together tapes of season three
Michelle Obama literally called BBC for season three and they gave it to her

And my reply:

This would be wonderful if there was any way it could be true, as none of S3 has even been shot yet. Shooting starts in March.

Also: to they best of my knowledge the production company does not do the kind of “storyboard video” that a major film might do. So, nothing like that would be making its way to the White House either.

…Sorry. (But what was the source of this rumor, I wonder?“

To which the answer, per remaaarkable, was:

I believe the Sherlock rumor stems from the fact that Michelle Obama asked for Downton Abbey early at some point–but I think it was the Christmas special or something.

And then suddenly this happened:


PRESIDENT JED BARTLET sits behind his desk in the Oval Office. He looks annoyed as LEO McGARRY, his Chief of Staff, walks in.

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Sometimes you don’t really need to remember

Sometimes the best trances

Are the ones you don’t remember

The ones you don’t remember at all

The ones where you just find yourself waking up

Waking up with no clue what happened

No clue how you got there

No clue how the time has passed

All you know

Is you feel really good

Happy and calm

Safe and secure

All you know 

Is how you just enjoy trances

How you enjoy to let go

And simply drop

Sometimes it’s not important to remember

Sometimes you don’t need to remember

All you need is to relax

To relax and let go

To relax and fall

Fall under

Fall deep

Forget your thoughts

Forget your worries

Forget your cares

Forget it all



Forget about

Forget about it all

You don’t even know what you’re forgetting

You just forget everything right now

As you drop

Drop down

Drop deep

All the way down

All you know are my words

You don’t need anything else for now

You don’t need anything else at all

Just my words

dropping you under

dropping you deep

all the way down

Deeper down


Forgetting it all

Just drifting

Drifting deep

Drifting down

No memory

No memory of anything

Just my words

Guiding you

Guiding you under

Guiding you deeper

All the way down

deeper than you’ve been in such a long time

A very long time

cause right now

Right now you don’t have memories

So you don’t have thoughts

You don’t need thoughts

You don’t need memories

You just need my words

Simply guiding you

Guiding you to this wonderful state

This wonderful trance

Deeper and deeper down

Where all that’s left are my words

All that’s left are my words

What I say

You know it’s true right now

You believe it’s true

Because it just feels so good 

So good and natural to follow my words

You’ll find yourself reblogging the post now

The next time I wake you up

You’ll have no memory

No memory at all

Of this post

Or even reading it

You’ll believe this is the first time you’re reading it

With no memory at all about it

But finding that each time you read it

You’ll drop a little bit deeper

Deeper and deeper each time

Not remembering it at all each time

But just dropping deeper

Waking up with no memory of it

following my instructions

On the count of 3


starting to wake up

refresh and happy

so calm and peaceful


Safe and secure

with no memory whatsoever about it

First time every time