i was tagged by avalanchedrops to share 6 albums i have been listening to lately !
1. When It Was Now - Atlas Genius (i’m waiting for it to come in the mail still but w/e i’ve been listening to it on youtube)
2. Mind Over Matter - Young The Giant
3. The Peace Of Wild Things - Paper Route (pls go listen to this band they are gr9!!!)
4. Before The Waves - Magic Man
5. Walk The Moon - Walk The Moon (i’m always walk the moon af ok)
6. Beneath The Skin - Of Monsters And Men

so i tag:
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I got tagged by the amazing starlight-of-cydonia to do the six albums challenge so this are the six albums I’ve been enjoying at the moment 

Future Hearts by All Time Low

Drones by muse

A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds To Mars

Parachutes by Coldplay 

Nothing Personal by All Time Low

The Resistance by Muse

I tag moncoeursouvreatavoixx isolatedknightsmattbellamyruinedmylife unleash-a-million-drones bands-electrify-my-life 


i was tagged by icanliftacarradio (thanks!!) to list the six albums i’ve been listening to most! 

Folie A Deux~ Fall Out Boy

American Beauty / American Psycho~ Fall Out Boy

Blurryface~ Twenty One Pilots

The Black Parade~ My Chemical Romance

Pretty. Odd.~ Panic! At The Disco aka i’ll never be over ryan ross

Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!~ Panic! At The Disco

i tag: bulletproofatbest screamingintomics thanksforpetewentz (only if you want to) and of course, anyone else who’d like to do this! :)