WHAT THE WHAT: AKB48 Weirdness


Let’s talk about the weirdness from 6:00-6:30. The Rock Paper Scissors After Effects that rocked Louis to his core.

Louis was happy and having fun up until this point. Harry’s doing “fire” but it looks like ball fondling. 

Then Zayn starts doing it to Harry. And points out the obvious when he says OUT LOUD “That doesn’t look like fire." 

Louis hears this. And begins to react.

Zayn decides to take it further and actually demonstrate what it looks like to fondle someone’s balls to Harry.

Harry finds this hilarious. Louis is still in the throes of his meltdown.

Niall realizes and does this.

And announces to everyone that "Louis is getting emotional!”

Everyone else begins to react. Zayn looks contrite. Liam looks confused. Harry looks like he doesn’t want to make a move and startle Louis.

Louis still is upset, and Niall keeps trying to comfort him while Harry looks concerned.

Niall has to physically pull Louis’ hand back into the circle and tell him to “Chill out.” Louis then smacks himself in the face and tries to shake it off. 


The ‘Heavy Rotation’ Campaign had recently attracted the attention of the Japanese media (Featured on Mezamashi TV and Yahoo News).

Here’s an excerpt from the Japanese article (140116) regarding the whole campaign:

Sharp Rise In Views Of <Heavy Rotation> After Oshima Yuko’s Graduation Announcement

Can views reach a 100 million in the middle of this month?

AKB48’s representative song <Heavy Rotation>, released in 2010  has once again been brought to attention. The music video that’s uploaded on YouTube, has reached a breakthrough number of 97,770,000 views at 6pm on the 15th of January. 

Ever since the Center of this song, Oshima Yuko, announced her graduation about 2 weeks ago, views have exceeded 600,000 times. If the rate is fast, views should be able to reach a 100 million hits by the middle of this month.

'Gangnam Style’ had exceeded 1.8 billion views. In Japan, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is extremely popular as well.

However, among the music videos that Japanese artists have uploaded onto YouTube, none has exceeded the 100 million mark. <Heavy Rotation> is expected to be the first music video that will achieve this feat.

The ones pushing for these results are passionate fans of Oshima. On the net, the cry for “Heavy Rotation to reach a 100 million views before Yuko’s graduation” has been circulating. Fans of other AKB members have also shown their support. Even foreign fans has caught on, and have been looping the video tirelessly.

<Heavy Rotation> is the first song that Oshima centered, breaking Maeda Atsuko’s streak in the 2nd General Elections. How selected members appeared in the MV wearing lingeries had created a stir. In September of the same year, AKB48’s official YouTube channel was created and in the span of a year, this video has reached 55 million views.

Subsequently, this song has also became a staple at Karaokes as well. An increasing amount of people have been using it as the opening song of their Wedding Ceremonies to warm up the guests too. <Heavy Rotation> has reached beyond AKB fans and views continue to rise as a result of it being such a popular video.

Keep going everyone! Our efforts are not going to waste ^^