Very interesting custom build; a combination of a milled Yugo M70 with a Chinese Type 56 front sight bayonet assembly. The integrated spike bayonet usually will only fit Chinese handguards with the cutout but the owner/builder carved out the needed space to fold the bayonet. Definitely a one-of-a-kind AK build with a Khyber Pass sort of feel being a hodgepodge of parts to make something unique. (GRH)


I’m not trying to be the “stage-mom”, pushing him into the stage. He suggested that he was comfortable a verse of that song and I was kinda like “Okay, well, let’s practise” and he’s like “No, I already practise that. I’m good, I’m ready.” He’s a little bit smart than his dad.”  — Anthony Kiedis about Everly Bear on stage, February, 2017.


Century Arms C39 V2

U.S made AK variant with a milled receiver. The entire rifle is composed of U.S made parts and is fairly budget friendly, making it a decent starter AK. Some purists are apprehensive about a domestically produced AK, often citing the superiority and quality of the Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian rifles. (GRH)