You all say you want Catpool. But none of you have seen our soap bill the last few months.

This is the third bottle this week Catpool. Going to break my neck one of these mornings slipping on your kill…

You may be asking “Why not swap to Dawn?”

You’ve never woken up tied to the cat-tree with him yelling “Where’s Francis?”

anonymous asked:

May I ask why Ajax is up in a bed with stairs? Is it part of his training?

It’s so I can interact with him more easily!

I’m in a wheelchair and my particular disability makes it difficult to bend down repeatedly, so my dad lifted up a regular dog bed with wooden supports and attached stairs. It’s working great so far.

This way Ajax is on my level. I can hand him treats and pet him much more easily, and his food/water dishes are lifted up so I can feed him and stuff :)

He already figured out that going up and down the stairs earned him treats so he’s been trying to work the system.

anonymous asked:

I'm so happy for you hun! Congrats! How long did it take you to get a service dog ?

Thank you! I’m so happy it’s ridiculous.

So I’ve been wanting a dog for… five years now? Unfortunately, my circumstances didn’t allow for it until a couple of years ago when I moved back in with my parents. My dad didn’t want a dog in the house, though, so I’ve been working on him ever since.

In the last year I really started pushing for a service dog candidate and his excuses started to run out. So here we are, happy as can be. (Oh, and my dad loves Ajax already. He’s acting aloof but he pets him every chance he gets.)

It’s going to take about a year or more before he’s a fully trained service dog. Even then, his training will continue for life!