i love laura moon so much just because she is the biggest ‘fuck you’ to the refridgerated woman trope, aka that cliche where the male hero is (briefly) grieved over the loss of his beloved and saint-like mother/sister/girlfriend/wife only to have that woman’s death serve as a launching point for his story arc. like american gods starts and you think it’s the usual ‘perfect wife is killed leading male protagonist to seek revenge/purpose’ but no, no she isn’t perfect, she’s actually easily unlikeable, but more importantly she makes a literal return from the grave in order to be an active part of the story and to act as more than just an extension of the male protagonist.


We never much care about skin, like the Americans. Where we’re from, everyone has the same color, so we must fight over shades. You see, my brother had light hair and beard. Me dark, like you. I was like the black man over there. As against my brother, the white. Everybody thought he must be the good one. Yeah. So I became me. But time passes. Now I’m gray. Yeah, he too, I– I believe, now is gray. So you wouldn’t be able to tell who is light, who is dark. So much for fighting over color.
American Gods: The Secret of Spoon

I just love how American Gods depicts moc as being so… gentle and soft. Not weak, but tenderhearted, kind, and loving. Shadow being sweet with Laura before her death and comforting her friend in the graveyard; Salim’s touching one-night stand with the Jinn; Mr Jacquel guiding Mrs. Fadil to the afterlife. Not all the moc are like this - looking at you Mr. Nancy - and Shadow, the big puppy, has his moments of aggression. But I appreciate any time a piece of media lets moc be emotional and vulnerable; not just cold, hard brutes all the time.

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