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Service Animals and those with them should be state-recognized and identified somehow.
Whether it be like driver’s licensing or just a standard photo ID, animals and their owners need to have state registration of a discrete but simple kind.
Mark my Photo ID as “ADA Beneficiary” or “Accompanied by SA” or something. Offer holographic dog tags with registry emblem. Educate people about ADA and Service Animals.
I’m so tired of all the fake registries and people just buying their dog a vest to get to bring them into the mall or wherever.
Taking a badly behaved dog into a place and claiming it is a service dog and cannot be removed because you “need” it reflects badly on the disabled and accompanied community.
Taking a noisy, jumpy, nippy animal into a restaurant and getting huffy when you’re asked to leave because “it’s your right” while you feed your animal table scraps makes real, necessary Service Animals look like glorified pets, and degrades the reputation of the handlers.
Protect the Disabled and Accompanied community from the FEDERAL CRIMINALS committing FRAUD and make Service Animals state-certified.

With super bowl 51 happening: companions playing football

Ada: serves as official of the match

Cait: gets MVP and throws Danse and Gage around like rag dolls, tackles deacon through a wall

Codsworth: asks why they’re carrying the ball in a game of “football”

Curie: is on side with a first aid kit and orange slices, cheering everybody on

Danse: tries to play seriously, ends up scoring a touchdown with Hancock, Deacon and Mac hanging off his belt

Dogmeat: runs around non stop trying to catch the ball

Deacon: MASSIVE show-boater, deathly afraid of Cait on the field, runs off the field when she chases him

Gage: gets benched for fighting all the time

Hancock: gets really happy when he gets the ball then runs away when he sees gage trying to charge him

MacCready: gets piled by Danse, Gage, Strong and x6 and is carried away by settlers on a stretcher

Nick: stands on the sidelines with his head in his hands CONSTANLTY

Old Longfellow: sits in the corner rambling about conversions

Piper: tries to do a report on the first football game in the commonwealth, but keeps joining in and jumping on Danses’s back

Preston: manages to run around everyone and score a touchdown before getting piled by EVERYONE

Strong: everyone wants him on their team, Cait and strong paired together can take on everyone, he destroys a wall by throwing the ball too hard

X6-88: keeps getting warnings for bringing weapons onto the field, gets benched for trying to kill MacCready

Maxson: makes it a mandatory sport for the BOS and introduces “Brotherhood Football” featuring power armour and grenades

Someone pls do art of the companions playing football pls

Ed Roberts, the Disability Rights Movement and the ADA - Google Arts & Culture
Ableism - the oppression and discrimination against people with disabilities - has always been with us. Despite centuries of isolation, segregation, violen...

so this is linked to on the google home page today.


Audio Drama Awards!

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Welcome to the Audio Drama Awards!

What is it?

This is a blog dedicated to all the fantastic audio dramas bloggers! Here you can nominate bloggers for certain categories and fandoms.

How can I participate?

-Reblog! Likes are appreciated but won’t help us to get the word out!
-Post content from any of the participating audio dramas.
-Follow this blog and
-Send in nominations!


It’s a pretty flexible schedule, but as of now the nominations will be closed on March 5 and voting will close March 31. The winners will be posted two weeks or so after that.


There will be prizes but they aren’t much: I’m hoping that you all will participate just for the fun of it.

Thank you, and please reblog, we need to get the word out as much as possible! This is my first time ever doing anything like this, so we’ll just have to see where it goes. If you have any suggestions, send ‘em in!

meme-spren  asked:

Can we get info on young Ada and Di to complete the set, please? Now that it's been brought up I'm curious.

chitome said:Okay, since no one’s asked yet, was Di always super cheerful when she was a kid? I’m really happy with how her character’s going because she’s not super oblivious like Kaurrson to romantic affection.

Cheerfulness Meter included!  She’s almost always had that fierce smile on her face in one capacity or another, but it’s not always quite the same…

Chazei’s short life has been turbulent ; her early years were great, full of travel and adventure and all kinds of food, and then some things happened and it all went to hell for a few years.  If they’d met even five years ago, Kaursson probably would have arrested her.  But they were in different countries then!  So anyway…

Ada has been a tall, bony cinnamon roll from day one and shows no signs of changing, although she has matured over the years.  Some of her backstory will be revealed in-story so I won’t say too much (although patrons know a lot more than is probably advisable lol), but I will say that she was a loud, brash kid and if she’d met Khimaera when they were young he would probably have been very shy in the face of her friskiness.

anonymous asked:

Don't know if anyone has already requested this but, how about some sleep headcanons with a/o for the ada and Oda?

Ahhhh so snuggly. I love these! They got long so I put the rest under the cut.


• This man is a hug full of tangled arms and legs. You are completely wrapped up in his arms unable to move and if you somehow manage to move he’s rolling with you. This has resulted in both of you toppling off the mattress onto the floor.

 • During the summer months he sleeps in his boxers and bandages, and he often whines if you wear any type of bottoms to bed. Why wear something so tight when you can just wear one of his big t-shirts to bed? He likes the way you look and how easily he can slip his hands up your thighs for some pre-breakfast naughty fun.

 • When he’s having nightmares he cuddles you tighter out of instinct. He tries not to wake you up but sometimes when his nightmares get bad enough he just lays in bed and watches you breathe for a while until he falls back asleep.


 • Likes being the big spoon but usually hides his face in your neck once he gets in a deep sleep. His arms practically never unloop from your waist unless you go to move. If he gets too hot he’ll lie on his back and have his hand clasped over yours.

 • Atsushi is a bit of a light sleeper so he ends up waking a few times during the night due to noises. He feels terrible if he wakes you up and offers to rub your back or read to you until you fall back asleep.

 • Loves hoarding blankets during the winter like he will pile blankets on blankets on you. A – it saves on running the heat all night and B – he gets an excuse to cozy up to you for warmth.

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The producer of “Hamilton” has been sued by a blind theatergoer who claimed that the blockbuster Broadway musical violates federal law by failing to offer services to help blind and visually impaired people enjoy the show.

In his complaint on Monday, Denver resident Mark Lasser said Hamilton Uptown LLC and Nederlander Organization, which runs the Richard Rodgers Theatre in Manhattan where “Hamilton” is performed, could easily provide live audio narratives to help visually impaired people follow stage action between songs.

But Lasser said the theater refuses to offer such narratives, which can be listened to with headphones so other patrons will not be disturbed.

He said this violates the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in places of public accommodation, and “will continue to deter blind and visually impaired people from attending musicals.”


Lasser seeks to require “Hamilton” to put on at least one show per week with at least 25 headsets designed to accommodate visually impaired people.

He noted that former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Nov. 21 signed a final rule requiring many movie theaters to provide similar accommodations by late 2018 to blind patrons. (here)

“Given the similarities,” the complaint said, “live theaters must also be required to provide live audio description to the blind.”

It is unclear why the lawsuit specifically targets the Broadway production of “Hamilton.” […]

What the companions bring to a BBQ

Ada: Some sliced melon. She doesn’t have any culinary subroutines so that’s as good as you’ll get from her. 

Cait: She kept putting off making something for the BBQ until the last minute. She ended up panicking and bringing some cans of baked beans. 

Codsworth: He spent hours dutifully crafting a nice potato salad. Cries inside when he sees Hancock throwing it at Danse and Mac.

Curie: Cooking isn’t her forte, but she bucked up and made a simple berry torte that she’s very proud of. It’s one of the big hits at the BBQ. 

Danse: He’s the kind of guy to spend like days preparing meat to grill for the potluck. Him and the grill are inseperable for a while. 

Deacon: He tricked Desdemona into making some coleslaw. At the potluck he told everyone he made it himself. Des yells at Deacon for this. 

Dogmeat: He brought his smiles and good attitude for everyone to enjoy. 

Hancock: Two pans of brownies. One normal, one ‘special’. He refuses to tell anyone which is which. 

MacCready: A package of brats and he calls it good. Did he forget the buns? Of course he did. But 1 out of 2 ain’t bad? Right? 

Maxson: He brings some mac n cheese. Everyone really loves it and asks if he made it. He gets all flustered and acts like it’s no big deal. 

Nick: He brought a big ol’ Jello mold with chunks of fruit suspended inside. He knows he can’t really eat it, but he has fun wobbling it around nonetheless. 

Old Longfellow: Booze, booze, and more booze. It isn’t a BBQ unless someone gets absolutely smashed, right? Old Longfellow’s got you covered. 

Piper: She brought a nice cucumber and tato salad. It’s a bigger hit than expected, and she decides to delete some of the dirt she has on everyone since they’re being so nice. 

Preston: He made a cake with Mama Murphy. Everyone is concerned it has drugs inside. What are they thinking? Mama Murphy would never waste her drugs on other people. 

Strong: He brings a semi-rotten Brahmin corpse. Everyone politely declines a serving, except for Dogmeat.

X6-88: He panicked last minute and brought some random ears of corn. Everyone had a good laugh and boiled it so he didn’t feel embarrassed. 

thesole-wanderer  asked:

Which of the companions peeks at their presents before christmas day?

Ada: She does not peak, no matter how much curiosity tempts her, she does not dare betray Sole’s trust

Cait: She takes a peak during the night, when Sole isn’t looking and tries to celebrate quietly when she sees it’s what she wants.

Codsworth: He patiently awaits Christmas day, as he did before the war.

Curie: She simply bursts with temptation to see what Sole has gotten her.

Danse: He uses all of his military training to resist the temptation to open his presents.

Deacon: Being the expert a espionage he is, Deacon is able to fully open the present and re-seal it without anybody noticing

Gage: He looks and isn’t secretive about it, he still enjoys Sole giving it to him on Christmas

Hancock: Sneaks on his tip toes in the night to see what Sole got him for Christmas

MacCready: He begs Sole to tell him what it is, to the point Sole hides it, leaving Mac without the chance to sneak a peak

Nick: He can wait, he knows the effort Sole went to get him this gift, so he can wait a few days, for them.

Old Longfellow: He doesn’t bother with the trying to figure out what it is, he figures Sole got him something good by the effort they went to

Piper: The pain of temptation is haunting, her mind fries with wonder of what Sole got her. Sole had to hide the present with Danse

Preston: He doesn’t dare peak at what the General has gotten him for Christmas, though it’s killing him to know what it is

Strong: Peeks at his present and accidentally crushes it in his hand, figures it doesn’t matter and goes an eats

X6-88: Under the guise of “Institute Security Protocol” X6 insists on inspecting the package before hand, a trick Sole knows is just him trying to sneak a peek at his present

Maxson: He looks, when questioned he blames a “nosey squire”

[…] The class action suit filed earlier this month in the Southern District Court of New York alleges “systemic civil rights violations” against blind and visually-impaired theatergoers, an accusation prompted when plaintiff Mark B. Lasser, a blind theatergoer from Denver, Colo., contacted the “Hamilton” box office about audio description services and was told none were available. That violates the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to the suit.

Broadway does have multiple accessibility programs in place, as highlighted by a partnership between the Broadway League, the producers’ trade association, and Theatre Development Fund, the New York nonprofit that also operates the TKTS booth. Wheelchair-friendly seat locations, captioning and sign language interpretation for the hearing impaired, autism-friendly performances, and audio description for the visually impaired are all available. Last year, the League and TDF teamed to launch Theater Access NYC, an online resource for theatergoers looking for performances presented with accessibility services.

But while some services are on-demand and available at any performance — such as wheelchair seats and private iCaption devices — others, like sign-language interpretation and autism-friendly shows, are only available intermittently. Not all productions make all options available, and audio description for the visually impaired, the service that is at the root of the “Hamilton” lawsuit, is among the least-implemented on Broadway.

“Hamilton,” however, isn’t the only show not to offer audio description — not by a long shot. According to the Theater Access NYC website, only four productions over the next 30 days offer audio description: “Aladdin,” “The Book of Mormon,” “The Lion King” and “Wicked.”


Because “Hamilton” isn’t alone in lacking audio description offerings, the singling out of that particular show — the theater industry’s headline-grabbing megasmash — seems strategic. Attorney for the plaintiff Scott R. Dinin, who’s worked on multiple cases centered around accessibility, points out the suit isn’t pressing for damages, but for the show to comply with the ADA by taking “the steps necessary to provide audio description equipment and live narration services once a week with 25 audio sets for each show in Richard Rodgers Theater for individuals who are blind or visually-impaired.”

“I’m hoping through this lawsuit we can bring all Broadway to the table,” he said.