Today is the 25th anniversary of the Capitol Crawl.

Disabled people, fighting on behalf of the ADA, climbed the 100+ steps of the US Capitol building on hand and knee to demonstrate inaccessibility.

Please watch this 3 minute clip, and spread the word.


The fight for disability justice goes on, but we have these brave souls to thank for opening so many doors to us (literally.)

Stop Senate Bill 620- the Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act

Employers should not be allowed to be exempt from medical privacy laws, the laws against genetic discrimination or the Americans with Disabilities Act in order to force their employees to provide them with private medical information about themselves and their families.  The only way to keep your medical information private is to pay a fine of up to $4000, which means these programs are not voluntary if you can’t afford it. The bill targets poor people.  Are Americans just supposed to trust our employers with sensitive medical information, when this law removes the protections we have against discrimination at work?  This bill is before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions- a committee you are all a part of. I ask that the committee not let this bill pass to the full Senate. I would ask Senator Alexander to withdraw his bill. 

This is a pretty terrifying bill that would allow for workplace wellness programs to be except from the ADA and other laws that protect people from disclosing personal medical information to their employers. Please sign / share and write your representatives.

You can use govtrack.us to find contact information for your representatives and more information about the bill.

Toma um fósforo. Acende teu cigarro!
O beijo, amigo, é a véspera do escarro,
A mão que afaga é a mesma que apedreja.
—  Augusto dos Anjos

A talk with American Sign Language interpreter Tracey Halmagean

Music is universal. This is why Coachella works with the Americans With Disabilities Act to make the festival accessible for everyone. To wit: the American Sign Language interpreters who flank the Main and Outdoor stages during select acts, translating the emotion of the music and lyrics into manual gestures.

In honor of the artistry and unexpected beauty of this craft, we spoke with a true expert, interpreter Tracy Halmagean.

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