Black Dynamite Season 2 underway with some of our many friends who help make this show one of a kind (TOP/BOTTOM).

1. Byron Minns (Bullhorn) Tommy Davidson (Cream Corn), Michael Jai WHite (Black Dynamite), Kym Whitley (Honey Bee) & Carl Jones(Head Writer/Executive Producer/Show Runner).

2. BullHorn & Snoop Lion (AKA Leroy Van Nys)

3. Writers Room w/ Team Dynamite Writers staff.

4. In a record session w/ Idris Jones (Carl’s son), Scotty Fuslier (Writer/Editor) & Carl Jones (Head Writer, EP/Actor).

5. Mixing an epsiode of Black Dynamite Season 1

6. Donald The Accountant, aka Denzel Whitaker (Actor/Editor)

7. Eryka Badu in the Booth

8. Myself and Samuel Jackson

9. Carl Jones putting some finishing touches on some BD promo art.

10. The gang’s (almost) all here! Orlando Jones, Cedric Yarborough ( Tom from the Boondocks/ Chocolate Giddiyup) Byron Minns, Kym Whitley, Mike, Tommy, Carl and the ever hilarious Gary Anthony Williams (Uncle Ruckus!). So great working with these talented brothers and sisters also our heroes!

SEASON 2 in 2014!!!!!! :-D

In the name of The House, The Stage and The Backstage, Amen.
  • 1.Give not unto the actor his props before his time, for assuredly as the sun does rise in the East and sets in the West, he will lose or break them.
  • 2. When told the placement of props by the Director, write not these things in ink upon thy script for as surely as the winds blow, so shall he change his mind.
  • 3. Speak not in large words to actors, for they are slow of thought and are easily confused.
  • 4. Speak not in the language of the TECHIE to actors, for they are uninitiated, and will not perceive thy meaning.
  • 5. Tap not the head of a nail to drive it, but strike it firmly with thy strength.
  • 6. Keep holy the first performance, for afterwards you shall party.
  • 7. Keep holy the last performance, for afterwards you shall party.
  • 8. Remember always that the TD is never wrong. If it appears that he is, then you obviously misunderstood him for the first time.
  • 9. Leave not the area of the stage during the play to go and talk with the actors, for as surely as you do, you will be in danger of missing your cue and being summarily executed or worse.
  • 10. Beware of actors when flying in walls, for they will stand and watch and be crushed.
  • 11. Beware of actors during scene changes, for they are not like unto you and are blind in the dark.
  • 12. Take not they cues before their time, but wait for the proper moment to do so.
  • 13. Take pity on the actors, for in their roles they are as children, and must be led with gentle kindness. Thus, endeavor to speak softly and not in anger.
  • 14. Listen carefully to the instructions of the Director as to how he wants things done– then do it the right way. In the days of thy work, he will see thy wisdom, give himself the credit, and rejoice.
  • 15. If it is not yours, do not touch it, for surely as you do, your hand will be severed.
  • 16. If you break it, you shall buy it.
  • 17. It is not the question, What if something goes wrong? but, What will go wrong?
  • 18. The question, Why do we have to sing? when doing a musical, should never be asked.
  • 19. Do not miss your cue, for as you do, your world will crash down upon your head.
  • 20. The only valid excuse for missing one’s cue is death.
  • 21. Do not overestimate the audience.
  • 22. Do not underestimate the audience.
  • 23. Always write down your blocking notes, for if you do not, the stage manager shall punish you.
  • 24. One must always check their props, for if thou do not, they will mysteriously disappear.
  • 25. To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is to be replaced.
  • 26. And above all, get carried away not with the glow-tape or thy stage will be like unto an airport

I’m tired of people on here saying that Lionsgate is whitewashing the character of Katniss Everdeen. There are several reasons for this.

First let me start off by saying I am a woman of color (I’m italian and cuban), and I have an olive skin tone. My mom has a lgither version of an olive skin tone, as does my sister. So when the book said that Katniss had olive skin, this is the skin tone I thought of: 

External image

This is kind of close to my color skin. As you can see, she is not black. That’s because the book says OLIVE skin. Not “Dark Brown,” as Collins uses to describe Rue (who obviously was canonically black–something that they took into account while casting for the film. Rue could have been casted as a white girl but she wasnt. Therefore there is no intentional whitewashing here. But back to my point

Which brings me back to Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer is not pale-as-fuck white. In Catching Fire they tried to appease the complaints by giving her a darker skin tone in makeup.

External image

Many ask, “Well why not just cast someone who is that color?”

Well why not cast a blonde to play peeta? Or a real alcoholic to play Haymitch? Or a real whore to play Finnick? You know why? Because acting isn’t about BEING the characters in real life. It is pretending. It is ACTING. Jennifer was cast because Jennifer was the best person for the job, whether you think so or not. The director thought so, the producers and investors thought so, and the goddamn academy validated her talent by giving her a fucing Oscar at the age of 22! Do you know how incredible that is? Very!

I understand where the frustration is coming from here. I really do. But as a WOC and as a obsessive, hardcore, long-time Hunger Games fan, I would rather they casted someone as gifted and perfect for the part as Jennifer than for them to have casted a WOC simply because of her skin color. Jennifer got the part because she DESERVED it. NOT because she’s white!