In this video, I open up the letters that people sent me in June.  hell yeaaaah

Thank you to silenttinsoldier, lutrasaura, and the other kind folks who sent me wonderful letters/packages.

also, if you are the person who sent me a box of big bar z from Japan, please let me know so I can thank you personally

if you wanna send stuff in, here’s my PO box address:

SungWon Cho
PO Box 669
Haslett, MI 48840-0669

Let me know in advance so I can look out for it (and if you know the estimated date of arrival)

I’ll open them all up in a video around the end of the month.


『Motto2~vol.016~』spot featuring Kaoru (DIR EN GREY) × HIROTO (A9) and Tohya (vistlip) × Hirotaka (R-shitei)