to jason that stocks bananas in walmart,

i saw you friday. i saw you, i saw you, i saw you. and you were actually stocking bananas this time. and you saw me too. you were looking and i got up all of my courage and i smiled. i smiled. but i looked away before i could see if you smiled back or not.

nearly every single time i looked at you, you were looking in my direction and it made me wonder if you knew, and it made me really nervous, but you didn’t wave. and i didn’t care because i saw you, i saw you and you were beautiful and i made eye contact for all of two seconds and that is a step in the right direction. i even saw you looking over from the corner of my eye when i was smiling at that adorable happy baby. you were looking.

your manager came up to you while you were working but you didn’t seem bothered by what he was saying so i guess it wasn’t anything important. i wish i would have walked by just so i could have heard your voice. we did get a bag of potatoes and they are right beside of the bananas and you were right there, but you weren’t talking. i could have touched you, or turned around and looked at you and maybe you would have looked back if you felt me staring and maybe i could have finally seen what color of eyes you had, but i couldn’t remind myself to breathe so i kept my head down.

i can’t help but wonder sometimes if i make it up, how you make my heart leap because it doesn’t make any sense, i know that it doesn’t. i don’t even know you. but then i see you again and i know that i’m not making anything up. i actually feel butterflies in my stomach. i’ve never felt those before. i thought they were a myth.

do you ever meet certain people and you just feel like they’re supposed to be a part of your life, for reasons unknown to you, they’re supposed to mean something? that’s how i feel when i look at you. it isn’t just that you’re beautiful, and you are beautiful, but there is something that pulls me to you and it’s crazy but it’s true. i feel like i’m supposed to know you.

i know that i stare too much and i’m sorry. i hope it doesn’t bother you. i don’t mean to.

you know when the night sky is clear and you can see an abundance of stars? when the waves are crashing to the shore or when snow is falling slowly and peacefully and you feel like you’re in a trance and no matter what is going on around you, you just don’t want to look away?

when i look at you, i just don’t want to look away.

- the girl with the glasses.

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hey! could you list ya fav blogs? i love the content you post!

thank u!! these are some at the top of my head, u cld always look at who i rb from if u wna follow more :-)

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ok so, I was with my bf one time we were chillin at home and we were slowly getting into it y'know? Netflix and chill kinda thing. And I literally never told him before how into bucky or marvel I was, like he didn't even know I had a tumblr back then but he just thought I watched the films bc of him (lmao so naive) but anyway. We were alone at my house because my roommate wasn't for the weekend and we can't barely get touchy when she's here especially since she walked in us right when we were(1)

…about doing it. So she forbid sex in the room lol. Anyway. My bf decided it would be the only chance we would have bc his roommates are kinda assholes too, so he spent the weekend over. And one of those days we were watching catws and I just literally finished reading one of your focsI can’t remember if it was faking it or the painting (my favourites btw) and so when we were getting into it, we were like REALLY close. I couldn’t help myself and I moaned bucky’s name. (2)

and bf grunted and stood still for a second and I was just there like I fucked everything up bc I thought he would feel bad or smthing. But he looked at me and I seriously haven’t been so turned on in my life when he looked at me and pinned me down and yeaah. He quite liked it. Now I know bucky’s his favourite character and we share the interest in him. And that’s it. Hope everyone enjoys. 😝

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And kudos to your boyfriend because that means he likes it so much, he feels honoured to be called Bucky and it’s even a turn on. Amazing. That’s goals, don’t let him go. I’m having naughty ideas of role play.

Also, thanks a lot for reading my fics! That means a lot, and I guess they also put you in the mood..? Hahaha. 

Thank you so much for sharing!!!  And I really, really wish you can find more time to be alone together. ;)

Thank youuuu <3 This is amazing.