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Do you ever watch a youtube video and think... Le a rn to BLEND

no bc everyone is at a different makeup stage. 8 months ago my own skills weren’t at the level they are now and 8 months from now i’ll probably be at a different level. i’ve watched a lot of muas grow as artists too and ppl in the comments would give them helpful advice which they are now passing down to their other viewers. so nah i dont feel the need to be nasty like tht

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Hi! Do you have the new years tweets between Troye and Connor? I can't find them anywhere


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lou teasdale is amazing,, shes one direction's stylist but yeah shes great!

lou teasdale is racist and nowhere near a good stylist but okay

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in what order do you put your makeup on/ what's the best order to do it in?

idk it really depends on you bc ik there’s certain parts of a makeup routine that some people really disagree on bc one way will work better for them or the other way around u know so it’s up to how you feel most comfortable on some of this. the way that’s been working for me lately is:

-cleanse my face in the morning, then moisturize

-prime my face and put chapstick on and let that all sink in while i get dressed

-if my top goes on over my head i put that on first bc i don’t wanna go back after foundation and cry when it transfers lol. then i apply foundation, concealer, and set everything with powder.

-while my foundation is still setting in i’ll do my brows and eyeshadow/eyeliner

-then i’ll go back in and do any blush, contouring, and highlighting i want to do for that day

-then i’ll set with a setting spray

-after that i’ll do my lip liner/lipstick/lip gloss/whatever

-last step is mascara/lashes/any retouching or cleanup

-on days when i’m doing a really dramatic eye look that could have a lot of fall out i’ll save concealer for after i’m done with my eye so the undereye looks fresh

-also i always exfoliate and do a lot of moisturizing at night so the products have time to sink into my skin while i sleep and my skin has time to recover from exfoliating

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Blog rec for underrated blogs? Like people who don't have many followers and you think deserve more or just blogs that don't have enough attention?

I wanted to do this for a while and this is the perfect opportunity sooo

reblog or like this if you’re a “small” tronnor blog and want to be checked out :)

(I’ll be following from my main blog “reachfortheflowers”)