Já parou para pensar em como Deus, apesar de ser tão grande e maravilhoso, Ele também é simples?! Eu consigo encarar a simplicidade de Deus de duas maneiras. A primeira, é que Ele é humilde, porque mesmo quando erramos, Ele vai e nos da algo, mesmo sem merecer, e Ele também não obriga ninguém a nada, mesmo Ele tendo todo o poder, Ele é humilde e pede primeiro para entrar e agir em nossas vidas. A segunda, é em tudo o que Ele faz, em como Ele opera suas maravilhas. Deus não precisa de um “espetáculo” para fazer grandes e memoráveis coisas, pelo contrário, em muita das vezes é em algo pequeno que Ele faz o impossível e de repente Ele transforma em algo maior do que poderíamos imaginar. Ele é simples no falar, simples no amar, simples no agir, e isso é tão incrível porque nós temos uma mania tão grande de querer ser o contrário disso, usamos palavras complicadas e enroladas para as coisas, dizemos que o amor é complicado, no nosso dia a dia temos a mania de planejar um milhão de coisas da forma mais mirabolante possível, enquanto tudo que devemos fazer é nos parecer com o Pai e nos tornamos pessoas simples, pedir a Ele um direção e pronto. Deus é tão simples que mostra o caminho, Ele diz que o caminho é Jesus, não há mistério. Quer ser feliz? Quer realmente viver? Siga a Cristo, é simples! A simplicidade de Deus é algo tão encantadora, que só quem vive consegue realmente entender.
—  Seja como Deus é, seja simples! Carol, Chance com Deus.

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Any tips on blending eyeshadow? I always have trouble getting that airbrushed/diffused look..

•invest in some good blending brushes (doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be expensive, but i used to be like oh i don’t wanna buy fluffy brushes this flat brush that came along with some kit will work for everything i’d rather spend my money on actual makeup!! but no… eyeshadow application or any other kind of makeup goes so much farther with the right brushes lmao)

•buy a few blending brushes especially if you like to play with color so you’re not mixing colors and creating a muddy look

fluffy brushes are the best kind to blend with!

•prime your eyes which will help you achieve a really blended look bc it’s creating a smooth base. this also helps prevent creasing and helps your look last longer

•use a base this is usually an eyeshadow or cream product that’s actually sold as a base which is similar to your skin tone, sometimes people even use concealer. this is great for someone who wants to cover up discoloration around their eyes or for a look that u want to pop and show up well. don’t forget to go over your base with a eyeshadow that matches your skin tone to get rid of any tackiness and help all your other shadows lay down smooth

less is more build up ur product slowly don’t go in with a huge amount of dark eyeshadow and then scream just slowly work your way up to the look u want. also be careful of the look changing from blended to muddy when using a lot of colors and brushes.

•stretch your skin out obviously don’t overdo it but gently pulling your eye in certain directions when blending can help the brush and product get into all the little creases around the eyes

•change how you hold your brush experiment with the different looks you can achieve by pointing your brush up, down, in circular motions, windshield wiper movements, ect. this helps blend out sharp lines and helps spread the product nicely

here’s some good tutorials too! +/+/+

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Baby won't you come my way got something I want to say cannot get you out my brain

but first off imma start by saying this, ay all headshots if you think you could take my bitch

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What do you think of yunhyeong?

talented, works really hard to achieve his dreams, handsome and is really a caring hyung

he started started without knowing what to do but he’s willing to learn from his members and develop his talents. look at him now he can dance rly well and his voice improved so much. i feel really proud so proud of him

he’s also rly caring to his members. not many acknowledge that he’s the 2nd oldest but it shows with the maturity he has.

 i wish we’ll have ikon tv soon and they’ll focus more on yunjundong so people will get to know more about em. 

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So why did nick quit the show?

He hasn’t made an official statement giving the exact reasons. However it’s been suggested that he left for family reasons wanting to spend more time with them and didn’t want to risk anything following him back home, which could put his family’s safety at risk.
It has also be noted him and Zak might have had a falling out of some sort because nick wasn’t mentioned in his second book and Zak said something like “everything isn’t always what they seem” when asked about it on Twitter.