The Unreliable Yuuri

Much has been said about Yuuri being an unreliable narrator, but this episode just tops it all, really. Yuuri has no fucking clue.

Katsuki Yuuri

  • thinks very little of his own skating career, and kinda convinces us to think the same at first - until we realize he’s the top skater in Japan and, even though he was in 6th place at last year’s Grand Prix, that basically means there were only 5 skaters in the world who were better than him that year?? (I mean, there are other championships as well, ofc, but still). We can also see tons of trophies at his home

  • thinks he could never be Victor’s equal - but proceeds to skate Victor’s Stay Close to Me routine perfectly, down to a t. 

  • thinks he has no fans - but there are always people cheering for him with banners, and prodigy skater Minamino has looked up to him all his life. Yuuri is to Minamino what Victor is to Yuuri.

  • thinks he’s weak-minded - but is a cold bitch when skating Eros, is in total command of their relationship after he screams at Victor at the carpark, tells Victor he must go back to Japan to see Maccachin and demands Victor take him sightseeing in Barcelona.

  • thinks he’s an outcast among the other skaters - but was actually the life of the party last year.

  • thinks he has no idea what “eros” is - and then we find out he was oozing eros at last year’s banquet.

  • was afraid that Victor would leave him one day - but was actually the first one to seduce and walk away.

Yuuri, you have zero knowledge of yourself, I love you.


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