give me nina zenik who is ruthless with her powers

give me nina zenik who knows that matthias asked her to save the drüskelle and is doing her damn best but jumps at the chance to fight because of the violence in her bones

give me nina zenik who knows she was made to be a soldier and owns it

give me nina zenik who remembers matthias and on bad days his name gives her the strength to put one foot in front of the other

give me nina zenik who embraces her new powers and her place as queen of mourning

give me nina zenik who is angry as hell about what the world has done to her because goddamnit she was just trying to make it better

give me nina zenik who carries around shards of bone and infected cells because she’s never going to be caught off guard again

give me nina zenik who knows that she’s living for a reason


Little Witch Academia PS4 “Time Magic and the Seven Wonders” Opening Revealed!

As part of LWA official twitter’s retweet event, the PS4 game’s opening has been released for reaching 12000 RT’s! The song is “Mirage of Time” (時のミラージュ Toki no Miraaju) sung by the Ohara Yuiko (大原ゆい子), who also sang the ED’s for the TV series.

Best things about this ep:

- Craig being the Logical Problem Solver and being super frustrated by Tweek acting emotional and unreasonable, and Tweek being super frustrated by Craig not LISTENING to him and just trying to “fix” him. AND THEN CRAIG REALIZING HE’S NOT ACTUALLY BEING HELPFUL AND TOTALLY CHANGING HIS METHOD!!!! He cares about Tweek so much!!! They work so well together because they push each other to learn and grow!!

- Cartman continuing to be such a controlling piece of shit. Like him freaking out that she was talking to actually suicidal kids online to try to help them?? God. I’m so glad Heidi doesn’t take his shit and calls him out for it. And she does it in a way that he HATES because she stays really level headed and doesn’t react to his nonsense the way he’s used to (aka the way Kyle and Wendy do). I just hope she stops being so gullible soon.

- The handling of Trump’s tweeting was IMPECCABLE. They don’t refer to him as Garrison, they don’t actually show him on screen, but they also aren’t being forced to address Trump by name or face. It’s a great way to stick to their guns and still solve the Garrison problem they created for themselves last season. A+ problem solving, guys.

- Tweek is all of us. We’re all Tweek on the inside right now re: Trump. Thank you Tweek for being the voice of the nation. 

- Craig and Tweek going on a date, holding hands, arguing and making up!! An emotional roller coaster!! I love them!!! Also, I feel the need to address the fact that Tweek feels comfortable just SHOWING UP in Craig’s room in the middle of the night to seek comfort about a personal dilemma, and Craig not only being fine with this but not really all that surprised by it, is the SAME thing Kyle and Stan do. Like it’s a big deal that they’re at that comfort level!! I’m so thrilled.

- THE SONG. THE SONG!!!!! T H E  S O N G. 

- Stan had lines, Kyle and Stan were seen together multiple times, they shared The Look multiple times, Kenny died, there was no Randy… like, I’m so satisfied right now. 

- Matt Stone’s voice acting on point as usual. I love Matt heavy episodes so much.