AKB48 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo

Final Results of AKB48 41st Single General Election 2015

01 2 Sashihara Rino 194,049 HKT48
02 3 Kashiwagi Yuki 167,183 AKB48
03 1 Watanabe Mayu 165,789 AKB48
04 9 Takahashi Minami 137,252 AKB48
05 4 Matsui Jurina 105,289 SKE48/AKB48
06 6 Yamamoto Sayaka 97,866 NMB48/AKB48
07 11 Miyawaki Sakura 81,422 HKT48/AKB48
08 12 Miyazawa Sae 75,495 SNH48/SKE48
09 7 Shimazaki Haruka 73,803 AKB48
10 13 Yokoyama Yui 63,414 AKB48
11 19 Kitahara Rie 61,566 NGT48
12 18 Watanabe Miyuki 55,715 NMB48/AKB48
13 17 Matsumura Kaori 53,667 SKE48
14 31 Takayanagi Akane 52,609 SKE48
15 15 Shibata Aya 49,199 SKE48
16 24 Mutou Tomu 44,637 AKB48
17 21 Kodama Haruka 43,985 HKT48/AKB48
18 10 Suda Akari 43,665 SKE48
19 22 Minegishi Minami 35,506 AKB48
20 30 Ooya Masana 30,021 SKE48
21 27 Tomonaga Mio 28,197 HKT48/AKB48
22 23 Kizaki Yuria 26,994 AKB48
23 NR ( ≠ ) Tani Marika 26,051 SKE48
24 55 Furuhata Nao 25,650 SKE48
25 28 Takahashi Juri 25,421 AKB48
26 36 Kojima Mako 25,110 AKB48
27 56 Ooba Mina 24,708 SKE48
28 32 Kato Rena 24,569 AKB48
29 51 Okada Nana 23,237 AKB48
30 26 Takajo Aki 22,502 AKB48
31 NR (Fuchigami Mai 22,487 HKT48
32 38 Tashima Meru 22,191 HKT48
33 39 Anai Chihiro 22,146 HKT48
34 43 Shiroma Miru 21,577 NMB48
35 33 Fujie Reina 21,388 NMB48
36 58 Jounishi Kei 21,135 NMB48
37 60 Sakaguchi Riko 20,936 HKT48
38 34 Futamura Haruka 20,590 SKE48
39 Uchiyama Natsuki 20,437 AKB48
40 Yagura Fuuko 20,354 NMB48
41 Oota Aika 19,921 HKT48
42 Okada Kanna 19,739 HKT48
43 Moriyasu Madoka 19,401 HKT48
44 Mukaichi Mion 18,392 AKB48
45 Miyamae Ami 18,245 SKE48
46 Kojina Yui 18,080 HKT48
47 Tano Yuuka 18,048 AKB48
48 Kimoto Kanon 18,021 SKE48
49 NR ( ≠ ) Satou Sumire 17,579 SKE48
50 47 Sasaki Yukari 17,466 AKB48
51 64 Matsuoka Natsumi 17,387 HKT48
52 NR ( ≠ ) Goto Risako 17,330 SKE48
53 44 Isohara Kyoka 17,278 SKE48
54 61 Kotani Riho 17,132 NMB48
55 NR ( ≠ ) Souda Sarina 17,071 SKE48
56 35 Umeda Ayaka 17,019 NMB48
57 NR ( ≠ ) Mogi Shinobu 16,867 AKB48
58 NR ( ≠ ) Shibuya Nagisa 16,386 NMB48/AKB48
59 NR ( ≠ ) Kato Yuuka 15,729 NMB48
60 59 Yabushita Shuu 15,666 NMB48
61 NR ( ≠ ) Azuma Rion 15,539 SKE48
62 NR ( ≠ ) Kato Rumi 15,474 SKE48
63 69 Yamauchi Suzuran 15,157 SKE48
64 72 Yoshida Akari 14,933 NMB48
65 75 Saitou Makiko 14,916 SKE48
66 NR ( ≠ ) Kitagawa Ryouha 14,674 SKE48/AKB48
67 NR ( ≠ ) Oomori Miyu 14,669 AKB48
68 68 Umemoto Madoka 14,605 SKE48
69 65 Nagao Mariya 14,585 AKB48
70 NR ( ≠ ) Kamata Natsuki 14,545 SKE48
71 57 Ishida Haruka 14,319 AKB48
72 NR ( ≠ ) Ueki Nao 13,961 HKT48
73 NR ( ≠ ) Kumazaki Haruka 13,777 SKE48
74 NR ( ≠ ) Tanigawa Airi 13,744 NMB48
75 NR ( ≠ ) Owada Nana 13,685 AKB48
76 NR ( ≠ ) Takeuchi Mai 13,539 SKE48
77 NR ( ≠ ) Ishida Anna 13,269 SKE48
78 NR ( ≠ ) Shinozaki Ayana 13,167 AKB48
79 53 Ichikawa Miori 13,160 NMB48
80 48 Motomura Aoi 13,116 HKT48

TMB48: -- 48family dogtags


I have looked into everything, and spoken to my dad, and here’s basically what I can conclude so far on the TMB48 tags I will be making for all of us.

We are going to buy plain, relatively small, good quality, silver plated tags (instead of the crappy ones I used to make my current dogtags).
On one side I will engrave “TMB48” and then on the other side a nickname of your choice, or username (though if your username is hella long *cough* 15 e’s xD then be realistic xD) SHORT NICKNAMES or names, whatever you want ^^

Now sadly, we can’t buy, engrave and post these all for free, but I wanna make it as cheap as possible for you guys, so I’m paying my dad a certain sum of money, to bring forward a (hopefully) major discount; which will also depend on how many people want them, (the more people buying, the less the discount will lower the price of each tag).

It really WILL NOT be very expensive, I will be investing a lot into this to make it cheaper for you guys. But I want us all to have them, so :3

The plan is to have a special page on my dad’s company’s website, so you can all order specially.
Or you can just message me on here or via email etc.

You’re all gonna have to message me; or maybe I’ll set up a poll to see how many people want them, so I can order in the tags.

But you must be sure, ‘cause we don’t wanna buy, say 30 and then only 20 people actually want them/can buy them. So you must be sure!!

I will make a final update post on this when we have configured prices and things like that, I will then take a poll of how many people want them, and then work on orders, placements and getting them out to everyone.


but the discount will probably only count for the people I send these to first time round (I hope you understand guys).

So yes, send this around TMB48 like wild fire, I want everyone to know so no one is left out!!!

What do you guys think?

anonymous asked:

Tips/advice to new JKT48 fans?

Hi, sorry for the delay in writing this, I just realized I had a few messages I initially read while I was tired but I had forgot to checked back and reply.

Any tips and/or advice? I had actually started on a mini-introduction guide around July but I never got around to finishing it, this is going to be more off the cuff (can’t find my original draft) but I hope it’s still readable/helpful. 

Tip 1: Informational gathering (English sources), I would visit JKT48Stuff – they have individual profiles on the members, translations, articles and other interesting opinion pieces. Use the search if you’re looking for a specific member. The MCs of the live theater shows can be pretty interesting.

I would also check out JKT48Translate since a number of the members have done Q&A sessions.

Other places to find into, English forums like Stage48, Ebi48 and Nonhongogo… though I think Stage48’s JKT48 thread would be the best bet since it’s been the most active, 405 pages now.

The website AKB48WrapUp also covers some JKT48 news, mostly the release of singles and other major events.

If you can read Bahasa Indonesian, check out the member’s twitter accounts – there are also sites that help save time, such as blogara and klasemenjkt48.
You can also use Google Translate if you’re like me… but it really only works 20-30% of the time. It might just be better to look up common Indonesian words and phrases, just to save you some grief.

JKT48 are on top of social media in general really, they’re on Twitter but also Facebook, Google+ and Instagram (use Webstram for an easier time searching). Generally it’s pretty easy to keep up the activities of your oshi or just JKT48 in general.

Tip 2: It kind of fits in with the above, what to do if you only speak English. English Subs.

JKT48Stuff again, it has television show translations and subbed shows on their Youtube channel, it’s pretty up-to-date with JKT48 Missions episodes (up to episode 10 now? Translated to English and Japanese).

There’s also a few subbed episodes of JKT48 School on Youtube – as well as a subbed episode of Hitam Putih that I think is pretty interesting. Just type “JKT48 English Sub” and see what pops up.

If I had to pick what to watch first, the subbed (or should I say close captioned?) Hitam Putih episode and then JKT48 Missions because we get to see more of the member’s individual characters showcased there.

If you haven’t already, I’d also check out the concert they did not long ago “Perkenalkan, Nama Kami JKT48”.

Tip 3: Advantages of being outside of Japan… fancams. When I first started getting into JKT48 I couldn’t really find a lot of high quality television broadcasts of them, so I started to watch fancams and it ended up being pretty enlightening. 

Most of the fancams are of course of the girls when they’re performing on shows but you also see a lot fancams focused on the girls as they walk to stage or while milling around in the stand-by areas or as they’re leaving the airport (in this situation, I feel sorry for the members because they get crowded around sometimes).

russian77x was the Youtube channel I watched the most at the beginning. But honestly really, just search “JKT48 fancams” on Youtube and you might stumble upon something interesting, like Melody and Kinal taking control during the filming of the KFC flashmob or the members being affection with each other. (This part of the fandom kind of strikes me as very Kpop btw, that and the banners).

Tip 4: Look in lots of different places. JPH!P has a forum thread where the JKT48 ships are mentioned, the web show/podcast BasugasuBakuhatsu! (THE TV!) has been mentioning and reviewing JKT48 in their Idol News segment - the KFC release, English ver. release, Rena Nozawa going to Team K, review of music videos or an interesting official clip.
(The hosts aren’t at a point where they recognize a lot of the members but they have an interesting view point.)

Even the Contest48 Tumblr fanfic competition has had a VeNal (Ve & Kinal) pairing story submitted.

Also on Tumblr, floating around is a subbed clip where HKT48 members have a funny discussion about times they were accidentally mistaken for JKT48 members.

JKT48 sometimes pops up in interesting places is what I’m getting at.

And last advice: I would probably check out Youtube first, it’s a great fan resource when it comes to JKT48. Check out the profiles (only a few of them were fan subbed though), fancams, Hitam Putih, JKT48 Missions (episode 4, Kinal’s graduation is my favourite). 

Read the JKT48 Official Guide Book 01 & 02 translations - I found this is a good jumping off point, especially the group interview sessions; you get to read how the Japanese members adapted to JKT48, small quirks the girls have (falling asleep right away, not being able to use washing machines) and the funny things they’re doing back stage (falling asleep in hideaways, blow drying sweat off themselves).

Anyway… this turned out longer than I meant it to but I hope it all help, feel free to message me if I missed something vital or I didn’t address something that seemed sort of obvious.