Cup Noodles, the dorm-room staple that cooks in three minutes, turns 45 this month. There’s no better place to celebrate than its very own museum in Yokohama, Japan.

“This is the museum that really honors the creator of instant ramen and Cup Noodles,” says museum manager Yuya Ichikawa.

Here you’ll find a floor-to-ceiling display of every flavor of instant ramen put out since the mid-20th century; a kitchen to prepare fresh ramen noodles; a sprawling assembly line — reservations required — to create your own Cup Noodles concoction to take home.

‘Cup Noodles’ Turns 45: A Closer Look At The Revolutionary Ramen Creation

Photos: Elise Hu/NPR

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—   x Niall talking about his writing process on the Zach Sang Show