maybe……… people sometimes dress or act provocatively at pride…………. because it’s the only place we CAN dress or act provocatively without fearing for our lives

On a Leash

For @bouncyirwin who wanted modern AU kakasaku

Also on ao3 and ffn

               Sakura had been walking through the park when something she thought only happened in movies happened to her. A small dog ran up ahead of her and then circled her, wrapping her legs in his leash and yanking her backwards. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she didn’t spill her water down her shirt from the movement.

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Anxiety has no object permanence. You know when you put everything into your bag and then you have to take everything out and count it to make sure it’s still in the bag you just put it in at least 3 times? Because anxiety is like “if you can’t see it are you sure it’s there bro??”. Conclusion: anxiety is an infant

Idea for a game show: it’s a cooking competition with no recipes, just a lil old granny judge telling the contestants how to make dishes that have been passed down in her family from generation to generation. All the contestants have to follow along as she talks, and her instructions are super vague. There are no actual measurements, just things like “Add the basil. How much, you ask? Just enough.” or “Put it in the oven until it’s done.” Every week it’s a different judge with recipes from all over the world until the finalists must face the Ultimate Grandma™